Pariaman Vice Major ; Activate Tourism Event, Raise Up People Economic

Coordination Meeting of Pariaman Government for Raising Up Tourism Activities

Pariaman – Coordination meeting about events calender finalization “Pariaman Festival 2021” opened by Vice Major of Pariaman, Genius Umar. Meeting run at Tourism and Culture Office of Pariaman City, Thursday (07/01)

Dwi Marhen Yono Head of Tourism and Culture office of Pariaman Municipality, said that this coordination meeting to raise u tourism events in Pariaman which are halted because Covid-19 pandemic.

“Even though covid-19 pandemic, we will activate tourism events in 2021 which became advantages of Pariaman city and for re evoking people economic acitivities in Pariaman which disturbed at this time” Dwi Marhen Yono said

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Genius Umar justify Dwi statement. “Pariaman is tourism destination. Even though we halted in 2020 because of pandemic, we will re evoking in 2021. We will try to run those tourism events in order to activate people economic activitiew and increase local-generate revenue of Pariaman city”

“At this time, we have limited budget since General Allocation Fund and Special Allocation Fund of Pariaman city decrease from central government because of pandemic. Also, locall generate revenue is shortened significantly since our Regional State Budget incleaned” Genius Umar said


“For raising up our economic activity which slumped, I asked each regional executive offices, head of sub-districts, art communities, sport communities to give participation in event acitivities in a year which coul be made is one of tourism activities at least one activitity” Umar explained

Genius Umar hoped that events calender of 2021 will be launced at January 23rd, in the time of art exhibition at Kata beach. This calender events would be promoted out side Pariaman and West Sumatra such as Pekanbaru, Jambi, Bengkulu and border areas in West Sumatra

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“My request, always follow health protocols in every events because we do not know when this pandemic end although there are vaccine. God willing this activity blessed by God and could run smooth far away from Covid-19” Genius Umar added