SKB Bird Farm Endemic Animal Breeding Owned by the Chairperson of IMI South Kalimantan Developed as a Tourist Vehicle

Banjarbaru – The Acting Governor of South Kalimantan, Safrizal ZA, expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian Exotic Bird Enthusiast Association (PPBEI) for conserving endangered species.

“We appreciate the breeding center at the SKB Bird Farm, which was established by the Association of Indonesian Exotic Bird Enthusiasts (PPBEI), for helping to preserve endangered animals,” he said after inaugurating the Aves and Mammals of the Association of Exotic Birds Community, together with the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) of South Kalimantan. and the South Kalimantan Police.

The inauguration of the Aves and Mammal breeding in South Kalimantan took place at the IMI Secretariat of South Kalimantan, Banjarbaru City, Wednesday (14/7/2021).

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Safrizal said the existence of the breeding location would be a place of preservation and protection for protected and endangered animals.

“This is one of the breeding places initiated by the Dirbinmas of the South Kalimantan Police together with the exotic bird union community,” he said.

With the existence of this breeding place, it will further complement the animals that already exist in Kalimantan, and there are quite a number of places, there are around 22 places.

There are 12 types of endemic animals that are protected, one of which is the parrot, cucak rowo bird, red parrot, peacock, iguana, Tibetan chicken. Brahma, and so on.

Meanwhile, the Director of Community Development (Dirbinmas) of the South Kalimantan Police, Widiatmoko, said that this was done as an effort to protect animals from poaching and anticipate the occurrence of forest and land fires as well as to save Endemic Animals (Aves and Mammals) in South Kalimantan.

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“As we know, South Kalimantan is one of the areas prone to forest and land fires. Therefore, to protect animals or animals, I invite the whole community, especially the community, all apparatus and the general public to make efforts to balance nature by maintaining the survival of forests and endemic animals in South Kalimantan,” said Widiatmoko.

He also added that the efforts of captive breeding of endemic aves and mammals that are currently being carried out are a contribution to nature in order to preserve the existence of endemic animals which are decreasing day by day in South Kalimantan.

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The owner of the SKB Bird Farm endemic animal breeding location, H Edy Sudarmadi, hopes that the existence of this captivity can continue to grow as an effort to help the government preserve endangered animals. “The Bird Farm SKB is one of the efforts to preserve endemic animals and can be developed as a center for animal tourism in Banjarbaru City,” said Edy, who is also the Head of IMI South Kalimantan.