Southeast Asia of Moslem Student Association Expressed Solidarity to Menteng Raya 58 Bloody Incident

Southeast Asia of Moslem Student Association Solidarity for Bloody Incident in Indonesia Moslems Student Association office

Jakarta – After bloody incident at Menteng Raya 58 in Tuesday (13/10), Southeast Asia of Moslem Student Associations (Persatuan Pelajar Islam Asia Tenggara/Pepiat) expressed his solidarity. Incident which effect to physical office damage and wounded of Indonesian Moslem Student Association (Pelajar Islam Indonesia/PII) cadres

“Pepiat extremely examine to Indonesia circumstance that involve student. Pepiat concern to incident when Indonesia police attack and shoot tear gas to Secretariat of Central Board of Indonesian Moslems Student Association (Pengurus Besar Pelajar Islam Indonesia/PB PII) including arresting of 10 PII’s cadres” Pepiat said in official account of Pepiat, Thursday (14/10)

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Ahmad Farhan Rosli, General Secretary of Pepiat, called out Indonesia government to make peace with Indonesia student and release activists who was arrested. Pepiat also appeal Indonesia student to keep calm and keep applicable legal limit.

Pepiat pray for all of Indonesia people to always in safe condition in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic. Pepiat hope that all politicl turmoil in Indonesia could be handled accurately.

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As it is know, there were massif raly against Omnibuslaw validation by Indonesia parliament. Most of Indonesia people considered that Omnibuslaw validation is not suitable for Indonesia. Same of issues that emerge is that Omnibuslaw will threat Indonesia environment sustainability, make great benefit for entrepreneur, neglect labour life, and fostering corruption.

One of rally is happened in Tuesday (13/10) at Jakarta. In the night of rally, there were unrest at Menteng Raya 58 as an office of Central Board of Indonesian Moslems Student Association (PB PII). Indonesia police attack PB PII’s office. There were serious damage at PB PII police and 10 of PII’s cadres, who do not involve in rally, brought to Police office.

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Many Indonesia prominent figures expressed solidarity at Menteng Raya 58 incidents. Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, expressed his concern by visiting Menteng Raya 58 directly. Anies Baswedan asked PII’s cadres to calm down and will assist office improvement