West Sulawesi High Prosecutor’s Office Mutate Journalist Repellent

High Prosecutor's Office of West Sulawesi Province

Mamuju – Head of High Prosecutor’s Office of West Sulawesi Province, Jhony Manurung, mutate one of his staff officer who repellent journalist. Through his Asistant General Criminal (Aspidum), Azwar, Johny not only mutate his officer but also ask forgiveness to tens journalist in his office, Thursday (01/10)

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Azwar asserted that journalist is indespensable partner for Attorney office and he hoped that similar accident could not repeat for second time

“On behalf of the Head of Hight Prosecutor’s Office of West Sulawesi Province, we appologize for the incident and we ensure that officer who expel journalist will mutate from High Prosecutor’s Office soon” Azwar said

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Previously, there were minor incident in High Prosecutor’s Office of West Sulawes in October 1st. Same of journalists want to cover news a fugitive in Education office case who caugh in South Kalimantan are expelled. Inspite of journalist coming is on High Prosecutor’s Office invitation

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