Sapta Nirwandar : Halal Is a New Wave of Global Industry

Sapta Nirwandar - ChairmanIndonesia Halal Lifestyle Centre

Jakarta – Halal life style is becoming a new prospective business because growing market of halal industry. Halal not only an attention for moslems communities but also an attention for global communities and becoming world trend. Sapta Nirwandar, Chairman of Indonesia Halal Lifestyle, in his welcoming speech at High Level Seminar ISEF 2020 on Halal Lifestyle, Friday (02/10)

Halal lifestyle is not merely about food. Halal lifestyle expanded to tourism, finance, cosmetic, education, fashion, medical service, untuk art and culture

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The foundation teaching of halal lifestyle refer to basic islamic teaching that see Islam as the way of life. Halal lifestyle is an implemention of Islam as the way of life.

Sapta reminded the importance of beauty in developing halal lifestyle. According to Hadits, God is beutiful and He loves beuty. “Beauty is driving to creativity, value position, added value, earning, return of investment, IT and Job Creation” Sapta said

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In line with society development from Industry 1.0 to Industry 5.0, Sapta asserted that developing halal lifestyle ought to correlate with developing society from smart industry to smart city and smart people.

In addition, Sapta Nirwandar introduce sapta helix strategy in developing halal as a new wave of global industry. Sapta helix are; behavior change, government strategies policy and action plan, health and safety protocol (integrated), education, communication and marketting (gaining confidence and trust), Need new investment, IT and R&D, New business model in product and services (IT based, Virtual, Outdoor activities in tourism), share responsbilities to all stakeholders