Bandung City Prepared Social Distinction in Village Scale

Ema Sumarna - Head of Bandung City Taskforce of Covid-19

Bandung – Bandung Cit Taskforce for speedy handling of Covid-19 is preparing social distinction in village scale (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Kampung/PSBK). PSBK is social distinction based on citizen association with high Covid-19 cases

At least, there were 9 villages prepared for PSBK. Head of Bandung City Taskforce for Handling Covid-19, Ema Sumarna, asked headman to coordinate with regional apparatues, head of neigborhood association, head of citizen association and socialization to people.

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“Headman will report to us in Monday. After that we will take to the field to see readiness, and we will make a simulation if needed” Ema said, Sunday (04/10)

Execution time of PSBK have yet decided waiting evaluation from taskforce. “Decision is in Major hand” Ema added

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Emma emphasized, even PSBK ought to coordinate in village scale, it is not mean PSBK must to run in a village as a whole

“If a village is in a red zone, it is not mean that all village is red. If red zone is in citizen association scale, only that territory will implemented PSBK” Emma explained

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Emma explained that total number village will involved is dynamic.