UNPAD Manglayang Trail Run 2021: Trail Hybrid Running Event

Editor: Hanini Imana

Jakarta,  – — The condition of the Covid outbreak, which no one knows when will it end, has prompted the University of Padjadjaran Manglayang Trail Running (Unpad MTR) committee to continue to rack their brains to find the most adequate solution for the implementation of these activities.

After going through a series of discussions and input, finally a hybrid method was applied which was calculated to accommodate two conflicting sides, which are a running race and the Covid-19 health protocol walking hand in hand.

This hybrid method that is applied will combine two activities at once, namely offline race and virtual run. “Hopefully this method of activity can be one of the driving forces for the emergence of a quality race and adhering to the health protocols for outdoor activities during this pandemic.” Said Ira Hermawan, Chairperson of IKA Unpad.

The registration period has opened since March 27, 2021 for participants who want to join the virtual run. Participants who register for this virtual run will receive an offer via email to join the offline race with ballot or lottery system. There are four competition categories, 42 K, 21 K, 10 K, and 5 K. Please check the manglayangtrailrunning.com website for more info.

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Each participant who finishes the race will get a finisher jersey, medal, BIB, E-certificate, and the committee will also plant tree seeds as many as the number of participants who joined.
In other words, when they join this activity, participants have contributed to protect the environment through the baby tree plant or planting trees for reforestation program.

The green area is located at the foot of Mount Manglayang around the Jatinangor Unpad Campus. The planted trees will be provided by Bank Indonesia in West Java. The tree species that will be selected are suitable for the habitat and ecosystem in the area so that they are expected to provide many benefits, including protecting the spring there.
“This baby tree plant activity is a tradition that has been carried out since MTR 2015 and 2016,” said Juston Pangaribuan, Chairman of the Committee.

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Offline race

Mount Manglayang is one of the mountains in West Java which is positioned behind the Jatinangor Unpad Campus, Sumedang Regency. This mountain, has a peak with an altitude of 1818 MDPL. This area will be the running area for Unpad MTR. To get to the top, runners will be treated to a relatively technical route with an elevation gain of around 2,342m and a gradient of 32% for the Unpad MTR running track.

On the runner’s track, participants will be treated to beautiful scenery and lush vegetation that promises abundant oxygen for the participants. At a certain altitude point, if they are lucky that the visibility is not covered by fog or clouds, participants can enjoy beautiful views of Sumedang City and Bandung in the distance.

Lucky participants who will have the opportunity to join the upcoming offline race will be able to enjoy the privileges of Mount Manglayang to the fullest. According to the plan, the official information to join the ballot or lottery scheme in this offline race will be submitted in mid-May 2021.

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There will be two days after the offer letter is received for participants to answer their willingness to join. “To the participants who are willing to join the offline race, ballot will then be carried out considering the limited slots during the pandemic like today,” said Safrita Aryana from IdeaRun, as the race management of Unpad MTR.

This activity has also received a recommendation from the West Java Youth and Sports Office through a specially issued recommendation letter.
The West Java Dispora views this activity as part of recreational sports or sport tourism which will bring benefits and will be managed by complying with regulations related to pandemic conditions in accordance with various existing regulations, including the West Java Governor’s Decree regarding the Health Protocol for the Prevention and Control of Corona Virus Disease 2019 ( Covid-19) in Public Sports Facilities. Currently, matters related to licensing from the local area are also being examined.