Bandung Mayor Forbid New Year Eve Celebration

Emma Sumarna - Head of Bandung Covid-19 Taskforce

Bandung – Bandung Mayor, Oded M Danial,  forbid new year eve celebration to push soaring number of Covid-19. Forbidding decision wrote on official letter number 003/SE.147-Disbudpar and aimed to manager and hotel owner, central shopping owver, cafe, restaurant, entertainment area, and all Bandung city citizen.

It was emphasized that there will be sanction in accordance to applicable regulation if people againt that official letter.

Emma Sumarna, Head of Bandung Covid-19 taskforce, ask all Bandung citizen to comply with the rules.

“To be important, activities in new year exchange is prohibitted. If violated the rule, there will be sanction” Emma said, thursday (17/12)

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Emma said that zone label to define a teritory that infected by covid-19 is better than labelled by score. Bandung city is long enought in red zone because increasing number of Covid-19 transmission. In 13rd of December 2020, there were 967 active cases of Covid-19 in Bandung

“Whether 1.70 or 1.60 (score label) we do not see that. Total number of positive cases is reached to 4.661 cases. This numbers are concerning. Hospital has been full” Emma said

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According to Emma, Bandung in Red Zone not only because the great number of cases but also the increasing number of death. In addition, maximum number of hospital is in 60% ideally but now reached to 90%. Meanwhile, positive rate in Bandung city is above 5 and may be more than 20 or 30

“Self isolation occupancy is high too and hotels we prepared for it is full” Emma said

“There were additional 10 bed yesterday but it has full” Emma continued

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Emma hope aid from many stakeholders including from Medco foundation. In cooperation with Medco foundation and West Java Province, there will be 70-100 additional beds in one of hotels.

“Outhority is not in Bandung city governance, MoU is in Province Government and Bandung Governance only to ask, monitor and support” Emma explained

“For us, it is not problem. To be important is that people can be served immediately” Emma said