Ujang Margana; Millenial Farmer from West Java

Ujang Margana - Millenial Farmer from Bandung

Bandung – Ujang Margana (27) never doubt to be a farmer. After completting his degree in, as Education Bachelor Degree in 2015, Ujang wrestled with hoe and soil directly, as been said by terasjabar as member of siberindo.co group

Ujang realized that agriculture in his birth place, Cimenyan sub-district of Bandung District, has great potency. He want to cultivate his father onion field as well as possible.

“I asked to farm since I was child. When I was in university, I went to farm first to take care plant before going to campus” Ujang said

Ujang dealt with many obstacles. Otherwise he never surrender. He summarize, examine, and find solution every obstacles he dealt it and

After receiving degree, Ujang along with his older brother and older farmer push agriculture business in his residential area soon. One of effort is to make Farmer Group named by Tricipta Farmer

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Tricipta became a sphere for farmers oround his residential area to elevate production and solve problems that always come in agriculture business

Slowly but surely, agriculture in Ujang residential area developed. Ujang and Farmer group chance to develope agriculture is widely open when price of onion soar significantly at consument level.

At this moment, government through State of Logistic Agency and Agriculture Ministry open opportunities for farmers and farmer group to supply onion in order to meet consumen need and stabilize a price.

Ujang do not waste this opportunity. Ujang initiate Tricipta Farmer Group to help government in stabilizing onion price

“With fully familiar socialization and give open understanding to members and boards, finally Tricipta Farmer Group supply 150 ton of onion to Bulog (State Logistic Agency)” Ujang said

From that time, Ujang develope onion commudity agriculture. In the first time, he only use 1 hectare area and onion can be produced reach to 10 tons in one harvest time with Rp 53 million profit.

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Ujang and Tricipta Farmer Group also develope onion seed captivity and became the one onion seed producen in Bandung district.

Ujang is always follow technical guidance from Bandung District Government and West Java Province Government. Ujang also received agriculture technology aid. One of them is watering can from District and Province Government that is way Ujang able to cultivate onion optimally.

“For farmer, the important is access to market. Government, including central, province and district, always help to open access to market” Ujang said

If farmer has an access to market, Ujang said that agriculture beame interesting sector for develope career. At this time, onion land has reached 30 hectares.

I have motto for my life to be a smart, independent, fast, and sustainable farmer. I think agriculture became a promise sector for young generation” Ujang said

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Onion from Ujang Margana


“I invite young generation to be a farmer. Alongside to guaranteed our future with big income, we can contribute to food security and to preserve the environment” Ujang added

Onion from Ujang agriculture land was exhibited in West Java Food and Agriculture (WJFA) Summit 2020. This event run by West Java Province Government along with Representative office of Central Bank in West Java Province at Savoy Homan Hotel, Bandung in Thursday (10/12)

There were high level meeting and West Java farmer meeting with farmer commodity off taker in WJFAS 2020. There were the opennes of domestic as well as global market and West Java Province Government try to represent a fresh face of agriculture business to attract millenial generation