The Lose Candidate Congratulate The Winner Candidate in Pemalang Regional Election

Felicitation from the Loser for the Winner in Pemalang Election

Pemalang – The lose Candidate partner for Regent and Vice Regent for Pemalang Election, Agus Sukoco – Eko Priyono, congratulate to the winner of Pemalang election, Mukti Agung Wibowo – Mansur Hidayat.

Felicitation delivered in Agus Sukoco resident, Griya Pesona Widuri Pemalang, Wednesday (09/12)

Junaedi, Pemalang Regent and Steering team of Agus Sukoco – Eko Priyono, said to press that Agung Wibowo-Mansur Hidayat is the winner of Pemalang election temporary according to quick count run by Branch Board of Indonesia Democratic Struggle Party

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“Looking to the temporary result, Agus Sukoco-Eko Priono is left behind in gaining voters. That is why, in the name of chief of steering team and bearer party, congratulate to Mukti Agung Wibowo-Mansur Hidayat, that according to our data is leading temporary” Junaidi said

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Junaidi ask team, bearer parties, supporters and citizen of Pemalang Regent to appreciate democracy process which have been run in Pemalang Regent.

“We said congratulation to Mukti Agung Wibowo and Mansur who got the highest voters. Pemalang is ours and let us give support to the candidate with the highest voters” as been said by one of group

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Meanwhile, accompanied by Eko Priono, Agus congratulate in his press confrence  to Mukti Agung Wibowo – Mansur

“God Willing they can make prosperity for people in Pemalang Regent and I will support the next Pemalang administrative” Agus Sukoco said