The 13rd Bali Democracy Forum With Tight Health Protocol

Indonesia Foreign Ministre in Bali Democracy Forum 2020

Bali – Indonesia Foreign Ministre, Retno Marsudi, open The 13rd Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) in Nusa Dua Bali, Thursday (10/12) officially. Bali Governor, Wayan Koster, attended that regular event

Different from previous years, The 13rd BDF run hybrid (online and offline) with tight health protocol. Moreever, BDF in this year is limited and only follow by 50 participants

At this event, Retno emphasize the importance in keeping the value and practic of democracy in pandemi era. According to Retni, Covid-19 should not reduce states commitment to democracy

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“Otherwise, democracy should not be a barrier for government to mitigate and control Covid-19” Retno said as been cited by, member of group

Retno said that there were three significant factors to ensure the value and practic of democracy in pandemic era and after pandemic period.

“First, the importance to gain public trust toward democracy. Second, the importance to preserve the value of democracy post pandemic and the importance solidity to keep the value of democracy” Retno said

Foreign ministre affirm that pandemic should not eliminate democratic value and at the same time we should not make democracy as a barrier to beat pandemic. Otherwise we convinced that democracy is the most most appropiate tools for every country in fighting toward pandemic.

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“I deliver that according to Freedom House Report in 2019, in the last 14 years there were decline of democry in all countries. Covid-19 pandemic created new challanges for democracy. Same of parties considered that restriction in pandemic time, including no gathering rule, obligation to use mask, are againt individual freedom. Same of parties saw like that. Even thought it is not the true” Foreign ministre said

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According to Retno, temporary limited restriction is needed but ough to monitored to prevent the possibility basic freedom that have to respected as well as implemented

Bali Democracy Forum is cross countries and institutions meeting since 2008 and run regularly. This forum at least bring together 50 countries as participant, 73 countreis as observer, and 10 international organizations in Asia Pacific teritory