Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard in South Kalimantan Continues to Increase

DENPASAR, BALI – Bank Indonesia South Kalimantan is optimistic that in 2024 the use of QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard) in Banua will increase to reach 11.2 million transactions.

This has been proven for financial transactions by distributing QRIS users in South Kalimantan evenly across cities/districts to produce results, it can be seen that user data as of December 2023 in South Kalimantan reached 629 thousand new users.

Head of the Payment Systems and Rupiah Money Management Division at BI South Kalimantan, Roi Ariadi, said that his party’s achievements in 2023 are increasingly optimistic that the growth of QRIS in South Kalimantan in 2024 will be even better.

“Every year growth increases. “In 2023, the QRIS transaction target of 9 million can actually reach more than 10.2 million transactions,” he said, on the sidelines of the Capacity Building for South Kalimantan Bank Indonesia Partner Journalists in Denpasar, Bali, Wednesday (7/2).

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Even South Kalimantan BI has targeted reaching 11.2 million QRIS transactions in 2024. “We are optimistic that this target can be achieved by up to 125 thousand new QRIS users,” said Roi.

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South Kalimantan BI Rupiah Payment and Money Management System Supervisor, Dewi Rahmawati, stated that QRIS transactions can be used between countries. “There are already two countries, Malaysia and Thailand. “We will continue to develop it, in order to provide comfort for QRIS users,” he said.