Aceh Government Hope that Special Authonomy Fund is Still Continue

Aceh Governor with Deputy Chairman of House of Representative

Jakarta – Aceh Government hope to surveilance team of special authonomy from House of Representive to expand special authonomy fund for Aceh and the next become endowment special authonomy fund for the next time. Aceh hope to receive 2% of special authonomy fund from national general allocation fund because Aceh high number of poverty

“Hoped we can elevate Aceh people welfare through special authonomy fund” Nova iriansyah, Aceh Governor, said when meet Aziz Syamsuddin, Deputy Chairman House of Representative, Tuesday (15/12) in parlianment office Jakarta, as been said by, member of group

Aceh Governor accompanied by Aceh Provincial Sectary, Tawallah, Aceh Inspector General, Zulkifil in meeting with surveillance team Special authonomy fund of House of Representative.

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“After the special authonomy fund untill this year (2020), Aceh positivity rate decleane untill 15.32% and unemployment rate became 6.20% compared to 2002 and 2005” Aceh Governor said

Nova detailing that special authonmy fund have been used to develope same sectors such as infrastructure (Rp 35.90 billion), economic empowerment (Rp 10.26 billion), poverty alleviation (Rp 4.94 billion), education (Rp 15.30 billion), social (Rp 2.58 billion), health (Rp 10.21 billion) and privillege sectors (Rp 1.66 billion)

Aceh Governor said that special authonomy fund have pushed Aceh going out from minus point to zero point. That is why, for the next phase of development Aceh need endowment of special authonomy fund to move from zero point to positive point.

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“Regulation that not implemented, all implementing regulation from Law of Aceh Government and national disharmony regulation are challenges that have to deal with Aceh Government” Nova said

Aceh targeted could receive special authonomy fund in between Rp 4.1 billion untill Rp 7.8 billion from 2021 untill 2027 years. Furthermore, Aceh targetted could received general allocation fund Rp 2.1 billion every year, local generated revenue Rp 2.5 billion and others fund resources to around Rp 2.3 billion

“All those fund will be used for development program to approximately Rp 4.6 billion untill Rp 9.1 billion a year. However, those budget allocation is not enought to reach positive point in order to Aceh left behind development” Nova emphasized

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Development programs still need huge budget for continuity of Aceh Health Insurance, scholarship and health infrastructure.

“Also some infrastructures such as Aceh economic diver such us road networking development as been cited in Aceh strategic project and Regent/Municipalities strategic project” Nova said

Therefore, Aceh Government hope Central Government to strengthen Aceh special authonomy to realize continuing peace and improvement people welfare in frame of Republic Indonesia

Aceh Governor also ask House of Representative to push Central Government to ensure harmonization in implementing Aceh regulation with implementation of national regulation