Activating Christmas and New Year Task Force, Patra Niaga Optimizes Fuel and LPG Distribution in South Kalimantan

Banjarmasin – In order to ensure stock availability and distribution of fuel and LPG ahead of Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024, PT Pertamina Patra Niaga in the Kalimantan region activated the Christmas and New Year Task Force Command Post (Satgas Nataru) which will take place from 15 December 2023 to 7 January 2024. This was conveyed by the Executive General Manager (EGM) of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Kalimantan Alexander Susilo in his press statement on Wednesday (20/12).


It is estimated that this year there will be an increase in consumption of gasoline types of fuel (Pertamax Turbo, Pertamax and Pertalite) by up to 3.9%, gasoil fuel (Dex Series and Biosolar) by 1.1%, LPG by 4.6% and Avtur by 4.6%. 0.9% of the normal daily average in the Kalimantan region. In South Kalimantan Province, the estimated increase in gasoline fuel consumption is 2.4%, gas oil fuel consumption is 1.0%, LPG consumption is 4.5% and for Avtur it is 7.5% of the normal daily average.


“This year, Patra Niaga in Kalimantan projects that there will be an increase in demand for fuel and LPG during the 2023-2024 Nataru Task Force in the Kalimantan region. The increase is estimated to occur by 3.9% for gasoline type fuel from 7,834 Kiloliters per day in normal times to 8,143 KL during Christmas, gasoil fuel increased by 1.1% from 3,244 Kiloliters per day in normal times to 3,281 KL, LPG by 4.6% from 1,725 ​​MT per day in normal times to 1,804 MT while Avtur experienced an increase of 0.9 “% from 528 KL per day during normal times to 534 KL,” explained Alex.

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“Meanwhile for South Kalimantan Province, the estimated increase in gasoline type fuel has reached 2.4%, from 1,880 KL to 1,926 KL, gasoil type fuel is 1.0%, from 797 KL to 805 KL, the increase in LPG consumption is 4.5% from “406 MT to 424 MT and for Avtur by 7.5% from 93 KL to 100 KL from the normal daily average,” said Alex.


Alex added, specifically in several potential route areas (toll routes, tourist routes, logistics routes), Pertamina has also alerted 85 gas stations on heavy vehicle and tourist routes spread across 25 East Kalimantan, 15 gas stations in West Kalimantan, 12 Central Kalimantan , North Kalimantan 2 gas stations and South Kalimantan 31 gas stations. All standby gas stations will operate 24 hours and stock build-up has been carried out since D-7. And Pertamina also alerted 199 LPG agents throughout the Kalimantan region.

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“During this Christmas task force period, Pertamina also improved services by alerting 85 gas stations and 199 LPG agents to provide services to the community,” added Alex.


Meanwhile, quotas and stocks of fuel and LPG and Avtur throughout Kalimantan are safe and Patra Niaga will continue to optimize the provision of these stocks. Regarding stock durability, the average stock durability is between 9 – 11 accumulative days.


“We hope that the public does not need to panic about the condition of fuel and LPG stocks. In several areas in Kalimantan there are often delays in supply, not because of quota problems but more due to technical issues. An example of technical problems is distribution at sea because the weather is not good so it takes time “Additionally for docking or land distribution, namely tank cars that cover quite long distances with varying road conditions,” said Alex.


Support from government agencies and officials is needed to expedite fuel distribution. Pertamina coordinates with the police regarding security measures for the implementation of fuel distribution, especially at points that can cause traffic jams. Not only the police, coordination is also carried out by DLLJAR and the Geological Agency to anticipate obstacles in areas prone to traffic jams and landslides, road repairs, entry/exit areas for Fuel Terminal locations, as well as Bank Perception to expedite financial processes, especially during holidays.

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“In implementing the Nataru task force, apart from coordinating internally with both the Holding and Subholding Teams, Pertamina always coordinates with related agencies including the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Transportation, BPH Migas, Police, Jasa Marga, TNI and PT Telkom Indonesia,” said Alex.


As a Commercial & Trading sub-holding of PT Pertamina (Persero), PT Pertamina Patra Niaga will of course continue to be committed to ensuring the smooth distribution of energy to the community. For consumers or the public who need further information regarding Pertamina Patra Niaga’s business processes, including those related to the activities of the Nataru Task Force, you can contact Pertamina contact 135 or via the MyPertamina application.


“We hope that with this task force post the certainty of distribution and readiness of fuel, LPG and Avtur stocks can be optimized properly. “For the public or consumers who need information on stock availability or provide input and suggestions, you can contact Pertamina contact 135 or via the MyPertamina application,” concluded Alex.


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