Indonesia Martial Art Championship in Kazakhstan Republic

Indonesia Martial Art in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan – Indonesia Martial Art Association at Kazakhtan run Indonesia National Martial Art Competition, Indonesian called Pencak Silat, at Kazakhtan in 7th-11st of December 2020. Competition held in Shymkent and supported by Indonesia Embassy at Kazakhtan Nur-Sultan, is the second event since 2019 meanwhile the first event is in 22nd-24th of November 2019.

This national competition run in the middle of covid-19 pandemic at Kazakhstan that is why implemented with tight health protocol and under approval and special survaillence from health authority. Some of health protocols must to follow namely using face mask at competition area except when compete, accomodation for not more than three people, not using public transportation and only use shuttle buss that provided by committee, obligation to follow rapid test and swab test for all athelets and official who came from outside city

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Inspite of without spectators and ought to follow variety tight health protocol, competion could be run successfully. There were 300 athletes, 240 are man and 60 woman, from 10 provinces. Competition devided in to three categories; childeren (8-13 years old), teenager (14-16 years old), adult (17 years old and up). Committee recorded that the oldest participant at this competition is 80th years old

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Indonesia Ambassador congratulate the succesfull of Indonesia Martial Art Competition in Kazakhstan in 2020 despite in covid-19 pandemic situation. The even that run to celebrate Kazakhstan independence day is to strengthen Indonesia Martial Art existence in Kazkhstan or Pencak Silat. Pencak Silat has own community and fans despite a newest martial art depending on other martial art at Kazakhstan.

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Nur-Sultan embbassy committed to support a promotion of Pencak Silat in Kazakhstan continously. Introducing and developing Indonesia martial art in Kazakhstan is part of cultural diplomation run by Indonesia Embassy in Kazakhstan