Responding to Incidents of Violence against journalists who Reporting Demonstrations Resisting the Jobs Bill

The Press Council expressed its deep concern over the incidents of violence that reported journalists while covering their refusal to pass the Jobs Bill in various cities on Thursday, October 8, 2010. We provide moral support to journalists who are victims of violence and their families. Furthermore, we convey the following attitudes.

1. Strongly condemn any officers who commit violence, verbal intimidation and destroying the work tools of journalists who are doing journalistic work, reporting news. As a form of accountability, we consider the need for the police to provide an official explanation for the violence and destruction that occurred.

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2. Demand that the police immediately release the journalists if any of them are still being enforced and treat them properly and in a civilized manner.

3. We remind that in carrying out their duties, journalists are protected by law. Article 8 of the Press Law no. 40 of 1999, with the statement; “In carrying out their profession, journalists receive legal protection.” In this context, the police should be required to be careful, proportional and not to commit acts of violence against journalists who are carrying out journalistic duties.

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4. Appeal to the media and journalists’ families to immediately notify the Press Council, Journalists Association and the Police if there are journalists who are reporting news that they have not found so far and or are in need of intensive medical care because they have been victims of violence while reporting news.

5. Appeal to all parties to only put this incident into violent incidents in the contexts of upholding the principles of press freedom based on the Press Law No. 40 of 1999.

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6. Appeal to all national press, especially journalists, to always prioritize safety and health in the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, by always being disciplined in implementing health protocols when reporting public events. The company has an obligation to ensure the safety and health of its journalists in this context.

Statement of the position of the Press Council, hopefully it can be disseminated and become a common concern.

Anang Fadhilah