Welcoming the Beginning of the End of the Pandemic Era


by: Denny J. A.

In the pandemic era, we experience that the savior is the vaccine.

Scientists working in laboratories are at the forefront.

Scholars, priests, monks, help with prayers. There is no reference in the holy book about vaccine formulas.

Politicians help make policy. There is no ideology or rhetoric to help the vaccine formula.

Businessmen, civil society, the press, push as much as possible. Public conversation alone, funds alone, are not sufficient to produce vaccines.

The vaccine has arrived. The vaccine is started.

The beginning of the end of the pandemic era has come. Light began to appear at the end of the tunnel.


Those who live in this era, the pandemic era, will never forget. More than a year together as if we were imprisoned in our respective homes.

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Below are 8 films that record the pandemic era.

The farther we leave the pandemic era, the more distant memories of the inner screams of that era will be able to reflect on us.


Recorded in 8 film series. Starring Christine Hakim, Reza Rahadian, Ine Febriyanti, Ruth Marini, Lukman Sardi, Marini, Ray Sahetapy, Agus Kuncoro.

The true story of the various inner outcries and hopes is fixed in 8 CERPEN ESAI DENNY J. A.

These 8 film series visualize the 8 short essays.

You can watch all the film series directly by clicking the Youtube link below.


The Doctor Reached the Top of the Mountain

The doctor felt that the top of the mountain was a death in the line of duty, helping coronavirus patients.

Starring: Reza Rahadian

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The collapse of our village

Whatever the power, as a community leader, even though he died of the corona virus, his body was kissed, and was bathed by residents. As a result, one village was isolated.

Starring Lukman Sardi

Brother, I’m Quarantined at the Mosque

He is a member of the Tabliq Jamaat. Getting around even in the era of the coronavirus. Unexpectedly, they were finally quarantined in a mosque

Starring: Ruth Marini

Keris, the heirloom of traveling traders

Tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises were destroyed and closed. The only heirloom keris he has.

Starring: Ine Febriyanti

Reported the Mayor: There are people starving to death

Near the capital Jakarta, a resident has died. Rumors were growing. He died of starvation. The pandemic gave birth to an economic crisis.

Starring: Christine Hakim

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I also went to Wuhan

The world has never declined and changed like this since the global economic crisis in 1930. Wuhan, in China, was the beginning of everything.

As a writer, she went to Wuhan. Her life changed.

Starring: Marini
Lebaran Online

For the first time, perhaps in history, the vocabulary appears: Lebaran Online. This happened after his friend’s jassad was refused by the residents to be buried there.

Starring: Ray Sahetapy

The Activist Asked the Minister to Resign

The activist felt that his wife was just plain sick. But, mismanagement at the referral hospital, crammed into the isolation room actually exposed his wife to the corona virus there.

He also wants to sue the minister of health. However, a quote from Jalaludin Rumi made him choose another path.

Starring: Agus Kuncoro