Expecting Cheating in South Kalimantan PSU, Citizens form a Coalition

Banjarmasin – Responding to the decision of the Constitutional Court (19/3) which ordered a re-election (PSU) in three regions, Banjar Regency, Tapin Regency and Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan, several citizens and democracy activists directly formed and declared a non-governmental organization called the Honest Election Coalition and Adil (KOPJA South Kalimantan). The head of KOPJA South Kalimantan, Didi Ahmadi, explained that the formed institution was a real response to the people’s concern in overseeing the implementation of PSU in 827 polling stations so that it could be fair and just without cheating anymore.

The new institution he chaired assessed that there were strong indications that the candidate for governor of South Kalimantan would commit fraud by distributing dirty “guerrilla” money to the citizens. In fact, according to Didi, in smoothing out his rotten action, they alleged he involved several village and sub-district officials to the RT / RW. The goal is that the distribution of the money to be distributed runs. Related to this, continued Didi, if in time they are proven, the institution he leads will report to the relevant parties. Including, if there are officials from the village, sub-district, RT / RW or anyone proven to have done this, his party is ready to drag them into the realm of law.

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“Do not have a cagub pair who feel they have a lot of money and want to bribe the people with money politics. Because, in our legal constitution, there is an article that states that those who give and receive in money politics in the Pilkada can be convicted. Please, if anyone wants to deal with the law, “ he said. For this reason, he and all civil society will guard the indications of re-election fraud. Thus, there is no longer space can provide an opportunity for one of the governor and deputy governor candidate pairs to cheat, including money politics.

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“We already have eyes and ears in every RT and RW. If there are those who are determined to commit money politics and cheating, including elements of the village head and village heads, we will prosecute them. The point is, we will watch the village heads, village heads, RW and RT heads 24 hours so that it does not use them as tools for practicing money politics that can torment themselves, “ he said.

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Didi emphasized that he and all civil society groups had a strong interest in the fair implementation of this PSU, without fraud. Because, if a leader is elected the result of fraud, then when he leads later he will cheat the people, either through corruption, policies that harm the people, and even oppress the people. Didi also reminded all residents in the PSU area not to be tempted by the lure of money to elect a candidate for governor.

“ Although the people are getting smarter. It is possible that the money was taken away, but a cleaner candidate for governor was chosen. Because the people know, a candidate for governor who practices money politics will inevitably be corrupt, “he said.

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