Happy Woman’s Day, Why Are Women Being Feminists?

by: Ester Lianawati *)

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, had a grim view of women. Regarding feminist women, she argues women become feminists because they don’t go through the phallic period well, so that:

she becomes a hysterical woman who cannot internalize the norms / rules of society;

she cannot develop true femininity, to become a “real” woman according to Freud, aka the “good” homemaker;

We focus it on clitoral satisfaction, which symbolizes active sexuality, so that they want to be like men, as evidenced by demanding that they be given the same rights as men;

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he has a weak personality so that his hysterical disorder cannot be cured (many women in the Freud era-the 18th century-became hysterical because patriarchal culture depressed them).

Rejecting Freud’s negative view of women, feminist psychology was born and developed. And how does feminist psychology view feminist women?

According to feminist psychology, women become feminists because they have dual powers, the power of a female wolf and the power of a witch (Regarding these two powers, please read the book There Is A Female Wolf In Every Woman: Feminist Psychology To Hack Patriarchy, publisher of EA Books).

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Feminist women in this view are those who have the courage to break down and rebel against the values ​​and demands of a patriarchal culture.

Feminist women are those who are already free, or who already understand, and therefore continue to struggle to be free from the myth of perfection and complex competition between women.

Feminist women are women who see with their nipples and speak from their vulva.

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As long as the nipple is an organ that is sensitive to changes in weather, touch, sound, etc., feminist women are women who have the sensitivity to see injustice.

As long as the vulva symbolizes depth, the feminist woman does not just talk, but first considers if what she says can be good.

Inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Mona Chollet, and Lou Andreas-Salomé.

Happy Women’s Day.

Regarding the phallic period, I can see it in human psychosexual development according to Sigmund Freud.

*) social observer