Isolation Room of Covid-19 in Bandung City Is Adequate

Mayor of Bandung City

In the midts of limited ICU and Isolation room for Covid-19 in Jakarta and Bali Province, Bandung major convinced that ICU and Isolation room in Bandung city is still adequate. As cited by Friday night (11/9)

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Oded M Danial, Mayor of Bandung city, said that both of ICU and Isolation room is still available. Ocupation rate for Covid-19 patient was in 30%.

“Our isolation room is still sufficient. From 460 beds in 27 in refferal hospital for Covid-19 in Bandung City, there only 136 beds or 30% used” Oded said at press confrence of Bandung city in Bandung City Hall, Friday (11/9)

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There are 322 beds for Covid-19 patients. Those numbers including for isolation room in Goverment city facility

“Capacity is available. We placed positif suspect in RSKIA (Special hospital for Children and Mothers) and bring symptomatic positive suspect in RSUD (Regional Hosipital) of Bandung City” Oded said

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