Lampu’uk Beach, Tourism Destination in Aceh Besar at Pandemic Time

Banda Aceh – Lampu’uk Beach in Aceh Besar District is an interesting tourism destination because his beautiful scenary. However, in the pandemic time a lot of visitors ignored health protocol

Many visitors looked ignored to keep physical distance or to use mask because not used to as well as feel uncomfortable.

Yes, as we see a lot of Aceh citizen did not follow health protocol such as use mask. I also sametimes did not use because feel uncomfortable and did not used to” one of Lampu’uk beach said

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However, Lampu’uk is not crowded as before. One of local coffee management, Arsha, told to that Lampu’uk beach is quiet enought, Sunday (17/01)

“Our coffee visitors was quiet since Covid-19 pandemic. Our income decleaned dramatically. There were 1.6 Million rupiah (a day), now is only about 600 thousand and that was in the holiday” Arsha explained

Salsabila, 18 women from Lhoknga who rent buoy and others swimming properties, also complained number of visitors.

“Now is only 6 buoys and 8 surfings rented. In the contrary, it was reached 15 buoys and 17 surfings rented in the weekdays” Salsabila said

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Salsabila experienced justify by Akbar, an ice cream seller who sold in every Saturday and Sunday.

“It is clear. I ought to have extra patient because the sales result declined dramatically. It was 1 million rupiah and now only 450 thousand. I hoped pandemic is go away and people did not have difficulty looking for money” Akbar, a 28th years old man, hoped

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Marketting Chairman at Aceh Tourism and Culture Office, Rahmadhani, told to that we need people cooperation to discipline and follow health protocol, Monday (18/01)

“Lampu’uk Beach visitors must to keep environmental sustainability and apply 3 health life style, that are washing hand, using mask and avoiding crowd”

“The next steps we will improve tourism site, run workshop, socialization, meeting or promotion to attarct visitors virtually both domestic and international tourists. Of course when pandemic end” Rahmadhani said