Vice Regent of Bantul District Infected by Covid-19

Abdul Halim - Vice Regent of Bantul District

Bantul – Vice Regent of Bantul District, Abdul Halim Muslih, declared infected by Covid-19 after could not smell parfume. Abdul Halim is still ini Panembahan Senopati Hospital to follow intensive treathment.

This information could be known from official instagram of Bantul District Government. It is said that Abdul Halim did not suffers any symptops

“I declared that everything ok. No fever, no headache and no blown” Abdul Halim Muslim said, Monday (25/01)

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It is said that in the 22nd of January, Friday, Abdul Halim felt suspicious with sign of infected people by Covid-19. Abdul Halim could not smell fragrant when sprayed parfume to his wearing cloth.

Halim went to kitchen consumed sugar and salt for ensuring sense of smell and sense of teste. It was strange that he could not smell anything. Halim checked his self and known that he was infected by Covid-19

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Halim did not know when and how he infected by Covid-19 yet. Halim follow isolation in Regional Hospital in order to avoid Covid-19 transmission to the others. After following intensive care Halim felt that his condition is getting better.

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“Now, I can taste the different between salt, sugar and fragrant” Halim explained

After infected by Covid-19 Halim explained that this virus could attack everyone. Halim asked people, especially Bantul citizen, to follow health protocol where ever they stand. Halim asked infected to people not to panic and to keep health well