Rabbit Satay ; Soft, Tasteful, and Make Addicted

Rabbit Satay from Kamila Kitchen in Kebumen (Foto; wiradesa)

Kebumen – Rabbit meat is soft and full of benefits. Tender meat made rabbit meat is suitable to make same special cullinaries such as Rabbit Satay, Tongseng, and Rica-Rica

“Rabbit meat is soft and tender. It is not difficult to make satay. It is also delicious to make it as rica-rica or tengseng. Tasteful and seasoning prescribe” Dzulfikri Yahya, owner of Kamila Rabit Farm, said to wiradesa in Wednesday (27/01)

The idea to process rabbit meat to same cullinary menu emerged with Fikri opened rabbit farm four months ago. Fikri helped by his parents in cooking rabbit meat.

“Supply of rabbit meat is coming from our farm. We buy out of our form to fulfill the shortage” Fikri said

Price of rabbit meat is 35.000 rupiah/Kg in accordance with purpose

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“At one time, there was person who afraid to try rabbit satay. However, he become addicted after tasting” Fikri said

Meet at his house, in Entak RT 03/02 Dorowati, Klirong, Kebumen, Fikri explained about his business in processing rabbit meat. Beside rabbit meat, there were tongseng and rica-rica. All created by Fikri using natural herbs and spieces.

However, the good quality of rabbit meat is Newzealand type. Meat is softer.

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Price of satay, rabbit and rica-rica is 25.000 rupiah for one portion. Marketing is online with pre-order system through WhatasApp. Most of costumers are outside Dorowati.

“Alhamdulillah, there were no complaints because taste delicious, tastefull and cheap” Fikri said

Rabbit meat is trusted to cure heart attack, asthma and can by try by people who programming pregnancy