Jambi Provincial Government Launched Rice Social Assistance For Helping Poor People

Jambi – Governor, Fachrori Umar, launched rice social assistance for families in Hope Family Program (Program Keluarga Harapan/PKH) at Jambi Province. Launched held in Logistic Bereau Jambi, Pasir Putih, Jambi City, Thursday (17/9). Launching ceremony attended by representative of Regional District Forum of Jambi Province

Governor said that rice social assistance gave to 104.239 families in 11 districts and cities with 15 Kg rices for each family. Governor hoped that social assistance would lighten people burden who extremely impacted by Covid-19 pandemi

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“Covid-19 cases increased significantly. Looking to this situation, we need joint effort to anticipate the spreading of virus by elevating people awareness by campaigning the importance in following health protocol” Governor convinced.

Governor said, there were a lot of efforts have been done by government to mitigate Covid-19. Central government have refocused budget to help people who infected by Covid-19 and same of them are social assistance.

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Governor hoped that rice social assistance could be delivered to people in accordance with 3 T princips: Tepat sasaran (right on target), tepat jumlah (right of amount), and tepat waktu (right of time)

Head of Jambi Logistic Bureau, Defrizal, explained that his office has gave assignment to provide rice for social assistance, medium rice, for 10 million families in Hope Family Program receiver in all Indonesia territory with 450.000 tons

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Social assistance distribution carried by BGR Logistic and Bureau Logistic duty is only to provide rice.

Defrizal added that rice social assistance will be delivered for 3 months; August, September and October. Meanwhile for August and September will be delivered at once.

Defrizal hoped cooperation among all of stake holders in delivering rice social assistance in Jambi Province.