More Than 83.000 Military and Police Guard Covid-19 Vaccine

Guarding of Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Jakarta – 83.566 security forces deployed to guard Covid-19 travel from Jakarta to Biofarma Bandung and delivery to many provinces, districts and muncipilaties. Guarding run by Army and Police in Operation of Aman Nusa II

“Police and related stakeholders guard vaccince since arriving at Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Biofarma Bandung and delivery process to many pronvinces and distribution process to districts and muncipilaties” Brigjend Pol Rusdi Hartono, Head of Public Information of Indonesia Police in Headqurter of Indonesia Police, Tuesday (05/01)

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“Untill vaccination, Indonesia Police still executing security guard along with National Indonesia Army. We hope that program will run well, smooth and save” Rusdi Hartono continued

Aman Nusa II Operation is Indonesia Police operation to handle Covid-19 coveing Yustisi Operation and national guard program or national vaccination program.

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Meanwhile, yustisi operation is run to rise up citizen dicipline in following health protocol to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

“Because discipline which could guard people from transmitted and transmitt Covid-19” Rusdi said

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According to police, yustisi operation is enter to 113rd day with 24.029.826 verbal warning, 3.673.652 written warning, 9 custody cases, money penalty reach to Rp 7.858.204.440, closing business about 2.625 times and social work sanction to 2.928.742 cases