Pajero Indonesia One Antasari Touring and Distributed 100 Food Packages at Angsana Beach

TANAH BUMBU – Accompanied by a patrol of guards (patwal) from the Banjarmasin City Police, the Indonesian Pajero group One Chapter Antasari South Kalimantan strolled to Angsana Tanah Bumbu Beach, Saturday (26/8/2023).


The community of lovers of ladder frame SUV cars is carrying out family touring activities and social services in a series of welcoming the Indonesian Independence Day and 1 decade (Anniversary Pajero Indonesia One).

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“Touring with members of PIOne Antasari’s trip to Angsana Tanbu Beach was also interspersed with social service activities distributing 100 food packages to be distributed to residents in need around Angsana Village,” said Rohman, Head of PI-One Antasari.

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PI-One Antasari family touring activities and social services are often carried out by this community of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport car lovers in South Kalimantan. Even since it was formed in 2020 to 2023. The gathering action of PI-One members has carried out 27 tours in the Kalimantan region and outside the Kalimantan region.

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The family ties of PIOne Antasari members are well established, even in every touring activity. PIOne involves all family members to go on tour together.