Palestine Has Never Been Hostile To The Jews

Dr. Zuhair Al-Shun :

The occupation of Palestine from Israel’s zionism has not ended even though the truce had been made on May 21, 2021 ago.

The discussion Lingkar Merdeka Forum at SMSI Press Club, Veteran Street Jakarta that presented the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Dr. Zuhair Al-Shun, last week (1/6), revealed many sad stories about the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Lingkar Merdeka Forum discussion designed by the Indonesian Cyber Media Union (SMSI) was attended by SMSI administrators and members throughout Indonesia.

As known by the public and it has become public knowledge, the occupation of Palestine by Israel starting from the struggle for geographical area located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. But this area on the map is labeled Israel even though there is the city of Jerusalem which is considered sacred to Palestinian Arabs as well as Israeli Jews and also the Al-Aqsa mosque as the third holiest site for Muslims, which is also revered by Jews as the Temple Mount.

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At glance, the problem may seem simple, but in reality the conflict between Palestine and Israel raises many complicated problems. Like, where is the border between Israel and Palestine? Can Palestinian refugees return to their homes currently controlled by Israel? The conflict resolution process that has been going on for decades has given rise to other overlapping conflicts that have made the relations between Palestine and Israel always hostile even though they are side by side. In fact, Israel carried out a military occupation that made Palestinians suffer.

The SMSI Lingkar Merdeka Monthly Discussion Forum this June presented the Palestinian Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia, Dr.Zuhair Al-Shun.

Starting the discussion, the Secretary General of SMSI, Mohammad Nasir, gave a key note speech that the Indonesian press empathizes with the suffering of the Palestinians over the ongoing Israeli aggression. SMSI urges that peace can be realized immediately which will give full independence to the state of Palestine.

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While in his presentation, Dr. Zuhair Al-Shun stated that Palestine has never been hostile to Jews but there are parties from the state of Israel to continue creating narratives of inter-religious hostility. “The savagery of the Israeli zionist army has claimed many lives, especially children, the elderly and women in Palestine. But the Palestinian fighters also fought valiantly until a ceasefire was reached.”

When asked further by the discussion participants, what will Palestine do after the truce, Dr Zuhair Al-Shun replied “For us, it is not only a truce to be achieved, but Palestinian independence, including the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque from the grip of the Israeli occupation army,” he emphazised.
“In fact, the situation at the Al-Aqsa mosque and in the Palestinian residential area in the Sheikh Jarrah area is still heating up, Israel has always violated the ceasefire agreement,” he added.

Supporting complete independence for the Palestinian people means an attitude that is consistent with the constitution of our country which emphasizes that independence is the right of every nation. Therefore, the Indonesian press always encourages the realization of peace and independence for Palestine. For the coverage of the mass media in Indonesia who always defend the interests of the Palestinian people from Israeli occupation, the Palestinian Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia expressed his deepest gratitude.

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The question from the discussion participants, which has not yet been answered, is why in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the United Nations (United Nations) has not intervened to mediate. “This question need an answer from the UN authority,” said the ambassador

In addition to presenting the Palestinian Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia, the monthly discussion of the SMSI Freedom Circle Forum this time also presented speaker Aat Surya Safaat, a senior journalist Antara and the SMSI Head for Foreign Cooperation, who strengthened the press’s support for the Palestinian struggle for full independence. (RI)

*) Retno Intani ZA – Head of SMSI Education and Training Division & host for SMSI Lingkar
Merdeka Monthly Discussion Forum