The figure of H Siswansyah SH MH MSi Chairman LBH SMSI South Kalimantan

BANJARMASIN-H Siswansyah SH MH, former Head of Manpower and Transmigration Office of South Kalimantan, is trusted to be the Head of the Legal Aid Institute for the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union in South Kalimantan (LBH SMSI South Kalimantan).

The figure of the former Assistant III of the South Kalimantan Provincial Government is considered the right person to carry out as Chair of the LBH SMSI South Kalimantan. To help South Kalimantan SMSI members spread across 41 online media if they encounter legal problems.

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Because of his long experience as a high-ranking official in the South Kalimantan Provincial Government, H Siswansyah is expected to be able to help when there are members of the South Kalimantan SMSI who are involved in legal problems.

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H Siswansyah himself officially received the title of advocate from the Chairman of the Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Advocates Congress (DPP KAI) Adv H Tjoetjoe Sandjaja Hernanto SH MH CLA CIL CLI CRA on August 8, 2022.

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Several strategic positions that have been held by H Siswanyah, namely, Daily Executor of the South Kalimantan Provincial Secretariat, Acting Regent of Tala, Assistant I for South Kalimantan Provincial Government Administration and South Kalimantan Kadisnakertrans.

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