Baturetno Village is Central of Football Player

Baturetno Football Player School - Bantul - Yogyakarta

Bantul – Baturetno village, one of villages in Bantul District of Yogyakarta Province is central for football player. There were hundreds children practice football in Wiyoro field every afternoon.

There were 9 of early age groups practices practice in Wiyoro field. Every group handled by one or two trainer. There were 14 coaches who train stundent capability in Baturetno Football School.

According to data in Secretary of Baturetno Football school in tuesday (6/10), there were 21 children for 9 years old, 23 children for 10 years old, 35 children for 11 years old, 33 children for 12 years old, 55 children for 13 years old, 23 children for 14 years old, 20 children for 15 years old, 21 children for 16 years old, and 25 children for 17 years old

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“Total number who practices in tuesday afternoon is 256 children. Actually, there wer more than 500 children but in pandemic time there are only half who practices” Sambudiana, Coach of Baturetno footbal school, said

Every child who practice obliged to pay Rp 7.000 in every coming in accordance with Baturetno football school regulation. Those money used to pay coachecs and organization fund. School is still rely on aid from active parents of children who waiting their children in practice for operational cost and sport infrastructure

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“We encourage children to practice football hard. Because not only make health physically but also will make a profesional football player in the next time” Ibu Joko, a loyal mother who always accompany his child practice in Baturetno football school.

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Baturetno is not only known as football player school for early age but also know for senior football player school. Baturetno follow Ascab Bantual competition for senior level in three level which are Second Division, Main Division and Super Division.

“Alhamdulillah, our trained student, Ardi Pramesthu, will be in Barito Putra senior football team” Sambudiana said

Practice schedule for small field is in sunday morning, tuesday afternoon and thursday afternoon. Practice schedule for big field is wednesday afternoon, friday afternoon, and sunday afternoon.