Hiatus Mantra Releases New Single Getih

On September 13, 2022, Hiatus Mantra released a new single in music video format with the title “Getih”.

The phenomenon of violence and sexual harassment, ambiguity of power and eroticism are the meanings implied in the lyrics of this song.

Erfansyah Anandata, vocalist, guitarist and producer of Hiatus Mantra explained, for the visual and musical needs of this single, he added or collaborated with Saddam Natanegara (guitar) to fill in the intro and guitar riff at the beginning of the song.

“Later on, this single has 2 different arranged versions, namely a music video version and an audio version that will be able to be listened to on all digital platforms,” ​​said Ervan.

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According to Ervan, Hiatus Mantra in Getih was also assisted by a recording engineer who worked on all Yasa Wijaya’s hiatus songs as (drummer) and Fani Elora who filled the division (bass).

Chosen as one of the winners from the curation series, Hiatus Mantra had the opportunity to appear on the main stage of Jogjarockarta at Tebing Breksi on October 24-25, 2022. Hiatus Mantra performed on day 2, performing the songs Getih, Contemplation and Tabiat.

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Yasa Wijaya (drumer), Ervan (Vocal/Guitar) and Fani Elora (bass)

Hiatus Mantra had the opportunity to play that afternoon under the scorching heat with a deafening roar of distortion, confirming his current musical style which is strongly influenced by genres: stoner, doom metal, sludge to psychedelic rock.

Hiatus Mantra – this band from Malang, East Java, had the opportunity to perform together with well-known bands such as: Edane, Seringai, Jamrud, Voice of Baceprot, etc. at the Jogjarockarta event, as if to align the band that was led by Ervan was not a canned band.

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Of course, it will be a valuable experience in the journey of a hiatus music career to prepare for a full album, which is planned to be released in January 2023.

Credit title “getih”
Executive producer : Hiatus Mantra
Producer : Erfansyah Anandata
Director : Eko Polenk
Production House : Hypno Creative Media
Songwriter & Lyrics : Erfansyah Anandata
Camera & picture stylist : Eko Polenk
Sound Processing : Yasa Wijaya


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