A Journalist Who Cares About Education Dies, Goodbye Bung Hermansjah

Journalists and press organizations throughout Indonesia mourn the passing of Hermansjah, the former Chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) North Sumatra for the 2015-2021 period.

The press figure of North Sumatra (North Sumatra) who cared about the education of journalists passed away forever on Friday (30 September 2022) at 09.31 WIB at the Royal Prima Hospital, Medan.

Before being buried near His house, Jalan Bromo, Medan, Hermasjah’s body is buried at the funeral home on Jalan Bromo Gang Tertib No 1, Medan.

Sad news spread quickly throughout the country. The General Chairperson of the Central PWI H. Atal S Depari, and the Secretary General of the Central PWI Mirza Zulhadi, as well as the entire management and staff expressed their deepest prayers and condolences for Hermansjah’s passing. May the family of the deceased be given a lot of fortitude.

“We really miss the loss of the good PWI board, Hermansjah. Didn’t hear about his illness, suddenly there was news that he died,” said Atal.

According to Atal, Hermansjah is a great person, light-hearted, cares about journalists’ education, and cares about the social life and welfare of journalists.

Hermansjah showed a series of greatness when he became chairman of the North Sumatra PWI. “He visited his friends in the regions, and invited journalists to improve their professionalism through education,” recalls Atal.

“The emphasis is on education. Journalists in North Sumatra must be really professional, because the pressure and resistance against journalists in this area is very high. Persecution, shooting of journalists often occur in North Sumatra,” added Atal.

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Atal said that there was another good example from Hermansjah that the North Sumatra PWI administrators had to continue, namely social care. The deceased has pioneered working with an insurance for social security for PWI members in North Sumatra.

The concern for the deceased in the field of welfare was also expressed by the Director of Welfare and Community Service of PWI Pusat, Mohammad Nasir.

“Pak Hermansjah was so persistent in fighting for journalists from PWI members to enter the Behavior Change Journalism Fellowship (FJPP) program in collaboration with the Press Council and the National Disaster Management Agency during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Starting from registration, until the management of honors. Alhamdulillah, everything is in order,” said Nasir, who was assigned by the Central PWI at the FJPP.

The feeling of losing the figure of the deceased accompanied by prayers also flowed from the Chairman of the Central PWI Honorary Council H. Ilham Bintang, the heads of the Provincial PWI and administrators throughout Indonesia.

In the ranks of the Central PWI management, there were also many who paid attention to Hermansjah’s death via WhatsApp. They include Dr Suprapto, Zulkifli Gani Otto, Yusuf Susilo Hartono, Nurcholis MA Basyari, Raja Pane, Hendro Basuki, Rita Sri Hastuti, Wawan Djuwarna and Fachri Mohamad, as well as a number of seniors such as Shade Harahap and AR Loebis.

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From press organizations outside PWI, prayers and condolences for the deceased also flow, which are conveyed through social media application networks, flower bouquets, and news in the press media. Chairman of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union (SMSI) Firdaus and Chairman of the North Sumatra SMSI Zulfikar Tanjung together with Secretary Erris J Napitupulu also specifically gave a statement of condolences that was published in the mass media.

Hermansjah’s passing also received the attention of the Governor of North Sumatra (Gubsu) Edy Rahmayadi. He expressed his deep condolences for the death of Hermansjah, the former chairman of the North Sumatran PWI.

“Bung Herman also encouraged us to lead North Sumatra. At that time when he was the Chairman of the North Sumatra PWI along with other administrators came to my office at Kostrad and gave encouragement to become Gubsu,” said Edy Rahmayadi.

The Governor also prayed for Hermansjah to get a place on the side of Allah SWT and God willing, Husnul Khotimah. “Hopefully his good deeds in the world of journalism that he has been involved in throughout his life will benefit the people of North Sumatra,” he said again.

The chairman of the North Sumatra PWI H Farianda Putra Sinik also expressed his condolences and conveyed his deepest condolences for the death of the deceased.

During his life Farianda knew the figure of Hermansjah, who was humble, kind, and had done his best for the advancement of the North Sumatran PWI.

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Hermansjah started his career at Analytical Daily since 1983. He started as a reporter and served in Pemko Medan, becoming assistant editor of Minggu, Editor of North Sumatra, Editor of Medan City, Coordinator of Coverage Medan – Riau. Until finally the General Leader of Analytical Supandi Kusuma trusted him to lead the online media, analysisdaily. com.

Bang Haji, Hermansjah’s nickname, was the secretary of PWI for two terms during the 2001-2010 Chair of the North Sumatra PWI when H Muchyan AA (deceased) was in charge, and handled the Government, Politics and Security section during the management period chaired by HM Zaki Abdullah (deceased) for 20 years.

Since 2013, Hermansjah has also been appointed by the Central PWI to be the national examiner for the PWI Journalist Competency Test (UKW) based in Medan.

The deceased has received Press Card Number One (PCNO) from PWI Pusat on March 4, 2020.
Hermansjah is also listed as an Advisor to the North Sumatran PWI for the period 2021-2026.

“We, the big family of the North Sumatran PWI, express our deepest condolences for the passing of H Hermansjah, hopefully we will find the best place with the believers, and the bereaved family will be given fortitude, patience and sincerity to face this disaster,” said Farianda.

“Farewell, Bung Haji Herman, may your good deeds build and raise PWI North Sumatra into lasting memories for us,” said Farianda Sinik. (*)