Indonesian Islam Moderate Promoted as World Mainstream

Jakarta – Indonesian Islam moderate will be promoted to be world mainstream in order to eradicate Islamophobia all  over the world including Euro. Arief Hafaz Oegroseno, Indonesia ambassador for Jerman, said in general recitation of Central Board of Muhammadiyah through online, Friday night (12/9) as stated by Oegroseno reminded that Islam recognized by the world as a radicalism and anti democracy religion refered to many countries situation in the middle east.

“Muhammadiyah especially, have to give a special overview of Islam that not related to middle east. Islam is in the third biggest democratic country in the world, Indonesia. Indonesian moslems are appreciate to woman. We have a lot of politicians or state official that not known by european

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Oegroseno said that europen people identified Islam closer to middle east and central Africa. However Indonesia recognized with tourist destinantion than his islamic moderate character.

Rise of Islamophobia are based on misunderstanding to the teaching of this samawi religion.

“Islamophobia was robust on strong missunderstanding of Islam. Islam regarded as Arab and radical. Meanwhile there is not democratic situation in middle east. Islam considered as middle east that not compatible with modernism, democratitation and human right” Oegroseno said

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Eventhough, modernism naration, democration and human right are mainstream in islamic teaching. Oegroseno cite an examplein in a glory of Islam era. Indonesi moslem was abble to implemented democration and human right in theirs country

Meanwhile Din Syamsudin, former Chairman of Central Board of Muhamadiyyah, said that Islam Indonesia have to promote to the world. Indonesia moslem have been showing that Islam could stand side by said with democration. Unfortunately, there were little agencies of Islam moderate from Indonesia. Syamsi Ali, one of Islamic moderate agency from Indonesia in United States, have showed Islam as a moderate and antiradicalism in America. However, , it was difficult to find such person. Consequentyly, it is necessary to make continious training and education of moderate influence cleric.

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It is not an easy effort but if succeed, Islam that anti to radicalisme will be a global representation