The Stunning Harau Valley in Minangkabau Land

Harau Village in Payakumbuh - West Sumatra Province

“JAMBI” Oh Pendemi … Hurry up and go out from our country. This heart really longing visitting various beauty destinations in archipelago that make our heart always be here.

If pandemic passed, a destination that is always stunning will be visited again with my family … Yes, one word for the Harau Valley of Stunning Natural Beauty.

Harau Valley is one of the favorite and well-known destinations in the West Sumatra province precisely in 50 Koto Regency.

“It’s amazing and makes heart reluctant to go back from the beauty of the canyon which is flanked by two rocky hills. Beautiful nature and fresh air, “said a friend of (Media Group,” Marwiyah Hara “.

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Hopefully the Pandemic will soon pass we can again visit the various natural wealth of Mother Earth.

According wikipedia, Harau Valley is a canyon near Payakumbuh city in Limapuluh Koto district, West Sumatra province.

Harau Valley is flanked by two steep rocky hills with a height of up to 150 meters in the form of steep, colorful sandstone, with a height of 100 to 500 meters.

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Topography of Harau Nature Reserve is hilly and undulating. Harau height is 500 to 850 meters above sea level. Including Air Putih Hill, Jambu Hill, Singkarak Hill and Tarantang Hill.

Walking towards the Harau Valley was very pleasant. You can see the natural beauty around along with the fresh air. Towering granite cliffs with unique shape surround the valley. These sheer granite cliffs have a height of 80 m to 300 m.

What can be done in the Harau Valley ??

If you have opportunity for visitting harau valley, you will not only see the stunning natural beauty but also extraordinary photo spots.

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In addition, you can enjoy a variety of uniqueness and delicious culinary delights at destination area.

Staying overnight?You don’t need to be far away because there were accomodation with Minangkabau architecture at destination area.

One word… The Harau Valley destination can amaze all visitors both from Indonesian and International Tourists. Let’s pray that the pandemic will go soon and we are grateful for the natural wealth of the earth.


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