“De.U Coffee” A Mandatory Place For Relaxing With Delicious Menus

De.U Coffee Menus

Bandung – For those who like to hang out, this is a must… visit at one of the most popular and booming cafes in Bandung, called De.U Coffe.

De.U Coffee is a comfortable hangout choice. Located in a strategic area by carrying the Tropical Minimalist theme and not too expensive. It is always crowded with young people as well as popular place.

De.U Coffee public relation, Chansay, revealed that De.U Coffe has been open since July 2020 abd designed to be a fun hangout place.

“20 Percent is Indoor and 80 Percent is Outdoor. So that visitors will not jostle, “he said.

“There are several favourite drink menus by visitors, such as De.U. Then Biscoff, namely Milk plus Lotus Biscuits. There is also Clocks, which is a mixture of Long Black, Tamarin, Soda and added with Lemon Ginny which ingredients come from Ginger, Cucumber and Lemon, ” He explained.

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Chansay added that the food menu is good enough at doing activities. One of them is Chicken Wings. Chicken given spices 20 hours before cooking for absorbing and make tastes better

“We also have Fried Fish Baso and Cireng with unique taste, there is also Bitter Bolen, which is minced meat with potatoes and bread flour,” he said.

De.U Coffee available for approximately 80 visitors so that it provides a fairly free open space.

“Visitor enthusiasm is extraordinary, because our cafe is in a strategic place. With contemporary and unique menus and affordable prices” He explained.

Chansay said that there are many menu variants to choose from, starting from Signature, Coffee, Non Coffee, Light Meal, Tea, Pastry, Mocktail, Pastry and Addons

For complete menu and prices; consists of a Signature, namely Biscoff (Rp 32.000). Clocks (Rp 29.000, -) De.U Milk Coffee (Rp 26.000), Strawberry Milk Coffee (Rp 27.000).

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Coffee consists of Espresso (Rp 20.000), Long Black (Rp 26.000), Piccolo (Rp 26.000), Magic (Rp 28.000), Cappuccino (Rp 28.000), Latte (Rp 28.000, -.). Vanilla, Hezelnut, Caramel flavors for Latte (Rp 5.000), Mocha (Rp 30.000), Affogato (Rp 30.000), Manual Brew (Rp 29.000), Additional Import Neans for Manual Brew (Rp 6.000) and Split Shot (Rp 35.000).

For non-coffee, there are Green Tea Latte (Rp 30.000) and Chocolate (Rp 30.000).

Meanwhile, Light Meals includes: French Fries (Rp 23.000) with Bolognese Toping (Rp 5.000), Truffle (Rp 9.000), Sausage (Rp 5.000), Cheese Sauce (Rp 5.000)

Fish Fried Meatball (Rp 26.000)

Fried Banana (Rp 24.000), Cireng (Rp 22.000), Chicken Wings (Rp 28.000) with Devil Sauce flavor, Buffalo BBQ, Cheese Sauce (Rp 4.000), Bitter Ballen (Rp 28.000), Churros (Rp 26.000) additional Ice Cream (Rp 4.000)

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There are Iced Lychee Tea (Rp 28.000), Iced Raspberry Tea (Rp 29.000), Honey Lemon Tea (Rp 28.000), Thai Tea (Rp 28.000) and Tea by Tema ( Rp 32.000).

The mocktails are Summer Race (Rp 30.000), Yakult Breeze (Rp 30.000), Ginny (Rp 32.000), Crimson Spice (Rp 30.000)

In addition, there are pastries in which there are Milk Chocolate Soft Cookies (Rp 23.000), Dark Chocolate Sof Cookies (Rp 23.000), Almond Croissants (Rp 22.000, -), HAM & Cheese Croissants (Rp 23.000, -), Pain AU Chocolate Croissant (Rp 18.000) and Plain Croissant (Rp 16.000).

Lastly Addons has a menu

Extra Shot (Rp 8.000), Extra Honey (Rp 5.000), Fresh Milk (Rp 8.000), Single Scoop Ice Cream (Rp 10.000), Still Water (Rp 18.000) and Sparkling Water (Rp 20.000)


Source : Siberindo