Holiday in Bandung, Don’t Forget Eat This 5 Batagor

Bandung – Bandung is King of Batagor. There were many Batagor seller in this flower city from street vendors untill cafe or restaurant.

Batagor is compound of meatball and tofu. Fried untill crunchy and served by peanut seasoning, chili sauce, and lime juice

Event though crunchy, deep texture is soft and only consist from meatball and tofu, Batagor always succeed make addicted to food connoisseur

Batagor usually eat as a snack or temporal hunger barrier. Batagor always looking for by visitors to be a gift

Here are 5 favourite Batagor must to try in Bandung city

  1. Batagor Riri

Batagor Riri is in Jalan Burangrang, Bandung city and that is why always called as Batagor Burangrang. Since 1985, Batagor Riri served mackerel with soft texture and crunchy. Serving by peanut sauce with few lime juice

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Batagor Riri
  1. Batagor Kingsley

Batagor Kingsley stall located in Jalan Veteran No.5 Bandung city. Batagor Kingsley were in Bandung since 1982.

Uniqueness of Batagor Kingsley is in his jumbo size. Taste ought to appreciated because mackerel taste is extremely felt

Batagor Kingsley available in packaging form and can be brought as a gift


Batagor Kingsley
  1. Batagor Haji Isan

Another Batagor stall in Bandung is Batagor Isan. Batagor Haji Isan is a pioneer Batagor in Bandung since 1968.

“Firstly, I sold Batagor go around town by walking. I opened my own business named Batagor Isan after receiving respons from people around me” Haji Isan said

Haji Isan explained that his outlets has spread in some places such as Jalan Cikawao and Jalan Ciateul. Visitors who curious with central outlet should came to Jalan Bojongloa No. 38 Bandung City

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Batagor Haji Isan has a unique taste. Batagor Isan has chewy texture, savory taste and eat by sweet peanut sauce. Batagor Isan always made as a gift by tourists untill now


Batagor Haji Isan
  1. Batagor Abuy

Batagor Abuy sold since 1983 and exist untill now. Specialty of Batagor Abuy is round shape and strong mackerel taste. Central outlet of Batagor Abuy located in Jalan Lengkong Besar No 47. Bandung City.

However, visitor could find Batagor Abuy in same branches namely Mayasari Kebon Kawung, Mayasari Pasteur, Gift Shop H. Amir Pasteur, Rest Area KM 125 Purbaleunyi highway, Setiabudi Supermarket, and Ujenk Mart at Jalan dr Otten No. 1

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Batagor Abuy
  1. Batagor Coy

Batagor Coy located in Jalan Ir. H. Juanda Dago. Strategic and popular street among Bandung citizen. Batagor Coy is different with another Batagor in general.

Eventhough using mackerel as main ingredient but Batagor Coy appeard more special. One of Batagor uniqueness is served with mozzarella cheese inside and could be called as first Batagor with mozzarella inside in Bandung

In addition, there were sausage mozarella innovation. Remember.. this is not a usual sausage. This sausage wrapped by batter Batagor and served by melted mozzarella cheese

In addition, Batagor Coy has Black Batagor named Blacktagor. Do not fooled with black form bacause taset can be competed with the other. Because blacktagor served by super tasty cheese sauce

Batagor Coy