Padang Panjang Got The Highest Performance Level from Ministry of Home Affair

Fadhly Amran, Padang Panjang Mayor, with merit certifacate from Home Affair Ministry

Padang Panjang – Padang Panjang city received certificate of merit for his achievement in running government administrative from Ministry of Home Affair. Regional government administration report of Serambi Mekkah city, epithet of Padang Panjang city, rated with the highest achievement by Home Affair Ministre

“Appreciation received in Monday (14/12) from Provincial Government of West Sumatra because 12 Districts/Municipialities from 19 Districits/Municipalities of West Sumatra gave authority to take appreciation to West Sumatra government in Ministry of Home Affair Jakarta because of Covid-19 pandemic” Reflis, Section head of District Secretary, said wednesday (16/12)

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Explained that there were four categories of appreciations. Four categories are ; low, middle, high and the highest. Padang Panjang got the highest score, 3.0972 compared to the highest category in previous year with 2.0975 score.

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“Alhamdulillah that in this year, there were increasing score. The highest score that we received for this year, is for the first time. We hope that this achivement could be defended for the next year” Reflis hope

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Reflis said that this achievement is a collaboration from all regional apparatus organization in Padang Panjang in running district administrative.

Merit certification have been reported to Padang Panjang Mayor, Fadly Amran, in tuesday afternoon (15/12). “Mayor appreciated this achievement and hope can be elevate in giving the service to people continously” Reflis sad