The Old Area in Banjarmasin City is Still Maintained

Banjarmasin is known as the city of Banjar tribe civilization based on river culture. Many buildings have old stilt house architecture that stand on the riverside.

Sungai Jingah Village, North Banjarmasin District, is one example of the old town area in Banjarmasin. There were standing old buildings of the Dutch colonial period. At that time, Jingah River was a trading place because it was right on the bank of the Martapura River – a river that divides Banjarmasin City.

Apart from Sungai Jingah Kelurahan, a series of concrete buildings in the form of shophouses and old buildings are standing in the area of ​​Hasanuddin HM street. This area is encouraged to become an old town area because of the historical economic center in Banjarmasin City. Not without reason, the form of these buildings has long been preserved by the owners.

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Urban Planning Observer, Subhan Syarif, said this step could be done by making a road map and revitalizing the entire area in an integrated manner in the Hasanuddin HM area and its surroundings.
“We know that there is a plan from the Banjarmasin City Government to revitalize the Sudimampir Market and Ujung Murung Market, but that is a partial policy. We must not forget the Commercial Market area to the Hasanuddin HM area which the city government has not paid much attention,” said Subhan.

Subhan said, simultaneous or integrated revitalization of the Sudimampir area needs to be done because this area used to be one unit.

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“The way is to do a study first, then make a master plan for the market area as a whole, without presenting the historical values,” he added.

Subhan added, if the revitalization efforts are taken seriously, it is not impossible if this area can also become the gateway for the economy on Kalimantan. Because the community and traders have a buying and selling platform.

“In Kalimantan, you know. Not South Kalimantan. According to the Long Term Development Plan (RPJP) it is also mandated that the plan for Banjarmasin City to become a gateway for services and trade in Kalimantan must be realized before 2025,” he said.

As for the Head of the Tourism Development Division of the City of Tourism and Culture of Banjarmasin, Khuzaimi admitted that the urge to revitalize and make the Hasannudin HM area and its surroundings into an old city area has indeed circulated among the urban planning observer community.

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“Even though this is not a heritage, it can still be used as a historical area and one of the tourist destinations in the city of Banjarmasin,” he said.

However, he admitted that this requires active participation from the community and urban planning activists for a more detailed discussion regarding the technicalities of its development.

“We can help by making a decree. But it needs the participation of building owners and communities who want to organize the area. We are ready to accommodate aspirations. Yes, we’ll just wait, ”said Khuzaimi.

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