Police Arrested Two Couriers With Two Kilogram of Crystal Meth  

Nunukan Police Reveal Drug Smuggling

Nunukan – Nunukan Police perform press confrence to reveal criminal act of drug for about 2 Kilograms crystal meth smuggled from Tawau – Malaysia, Friday (11/12) as been cited by benuanta.co.id, member of siberindo.co group

Head of Nunukan Police, Syaiful Anwar, said that at sunday (06/12) in about 12.00 pm of Indonesia middle time, police officers received public information about a man, Ahmad Syaiful  (29), who bring drug for crystal meth type walking in Poros street. Based on this public report, police came to location and see a man with similar identification walking in Poros Sebaik

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“We arrest and search body and properties and we find three packages with different size in backpack and there were crystal meth to about 2 kilograms” Syaiful said

Syaiful explained that Nunukan Police expanded investigation to Babatu village at Tana Tidung District because two kilograms of crystal meth will bring to Tana Tidung district and received by Alfian or Pian bin Haeruddin (25)

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Syaiful said that Alfian have been arrested when will pick up crystal meth from Saeiful. Meanwhile, Alfian was commanded by same one with initial R who was listed at List of Searching Person.

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Saiful and Alfian will be charged by Law number 35/2005 about drug with death pinalty, life imprisonment or short prison for 6 years and the longest for 20 years