West Sumatra Police Thwarted of 110 Kg Marijuana

West Sumatra – West Sumatra Police succeed in twhwarting marijuana distribution to about 110 Kilograms by RR (27) Tuesday (15/9) as cited by siberindo.co group. Suspected caught in Padang City after surveilancing from West Sumatra and North Sumatra border

Investigation Drugs Director of West Sumatra Police, Kombes Pol Wahyu Sri Bintoro, confirmed that arrest in his press confrence, tursday (17/9) in Headquarters of West Sumatra Police. It is said that marijuana sending was by storage in an empty house before bringing to Jakarta

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Arresting began by receiving information from public that there were a marijuana distribution in the border of North Sumatra to West Sumatra by using rental car. Police team trailed that car untill Padang city. In crime scene, Tabing, suspected car entered to a house and Drug Investagion team caught RR who was lifting marijuana as an evidence immediately.

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In searching process, found and confisticated 110 big package of marijuana wrapped by white plastic with Teriguku Emas label and 1 unit mobile phone. RR as a suspect confesed that those illicit goods will be sent to Jakarta as NN instruction. RR will be charged by Drug Law No 35/2009 on 114 article in 2 clause

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