Soetrisno Bachir: Muhammadiyah Could be A Locomotive In Tackling Resession Impact  

Jakarta – Muhammadiyah, one of the biggest religous organization in Indonesia, could be a Indonesia leader in tackling resession impact. Soetrisno Bachir, Head of Expert Team in Economic and Entrepeneurship (MEK) Central Board of Muhammadiyah, said in Muhamadiyah Economic Webinar, Monday (28/9)

Soetrisno Bachir said that most people did not understand with minus contraction 5.2%. They do not now but they feel that business is tough. Muhammadiyyah could make a bigger effort to mitigate this serious condition. Muhammadiyah has big organization, huge networking and human resources. As an islamic organization, muhammadiyah could call a collective repentance by leading as a locomotive to tackle this nation problem.

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“As a collective repentance effort, we could prepared public kitchens in schools. We rallying joint activities to help poor people who have difficulties to send their children to school or to feed their children. We can do itu. We can be a pionee for social humanism activities” Bachir explained

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Muhammadiyah must to be a pioneer in national unity. Because if people watch television or read social media, today difficulty lead to disunity. Wheter organized disunity or not organized disunity.

Bachir added that Muhammadiyah could take a role. Mitigating crisis not only as an economic or vaccine problem but as a social problem which emerged by resession. Indonesia have to unite and to focus. The unity of Indonesia will be a big energy because optimism and pesimism caused to different situation

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“If pesimism emerged, our economic and prosperity would decleaned. If optimism emerged, it could mitigate problem even grow positif” Bachir added