The COVID-19 Crisis Hit The World Economy, Harvesting Continues In Spain Vineyards

Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world after France and Italy, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, both exports and domestic orders reduce, as cafes, restaurants and bars are closed. But, consumers in Spain still drink wine at home. During pandemic people prefer buy wine in supermarkets which cheaper and drink it at home with delicious food, because they have to stay at home during the pandemic.

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Grape pickers continue to work during the 2020 harvest at the Catalayud vineyard, Zaragoza Spain. One of them is Eduardo Serrano, a grape farmer who is harvesting grapes in a 60-hectare vineyard, charming vineyards with gentle slopes and vivacious and very cool soil.

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“We harvest grapes starts at the end of September to mid-November. But this year we started earlier than before, so this October we have finished harvesting grapes,”
Eduardo said, Monday (26/10/2020).

Ortrud added that they started picking grapes at 8.30 am to 1 pm. This year we are picking 700 kilograms per day.

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During harvesting grapes, pandemic has changed much. “Working in fields are still continue,” Eduardo continue.

“You can tell me tomorrow we are all going to die by the virus, but we will continue to do harvesting, it is because you can’t stop working in the fields,” Eduardo added.