Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, South Kalimantan DPRD Buy 3 Luxury Lexus RX Sport Cars

illustration of the Lexus RX 300 SUV type Sport. (photo by: Lexusraval)

Banjarmasin – The project for the procurement of luxury official cars for the Lexus RX 300 Sport type SUV, which costs IDR1.8 billion per unit, is intended for three Deputy chairpersons of the South Kalimantan Provincial DPRD, which has sparked a stir in the South Kalimantan DPRD Secretariat and among members of the provincial legislature after media coverage the masses.

The reason is that apart from the luxury official car; the price is also expensive, totaling Rp. 5.4 billion. It turns out that there is a member of the South Kalimantan DPRD Budget Agency (Banggar) who admits that he is not aware of the existence of the luxury Lexus official car and only finds out from the news in the mass media.

One member of the Banggar who stated that they did not know about the procurement of the luxury Lexus official car was Hormansyah, a politician from the South Kalimantan National Awakening Party (PKB).

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As reported by, the group in Banjarmasin, Saturday (11/14/2020), Hormansyah stated that he was not aware of the procurement of new official cars for the three Deputy chairpersons of the South Kalimantan DPRD.

“I am a member of the Budget Agency and do not know about the procurement of official cars,” said Hormansyah.

Hormansyah, who sits on Commission III in charge of development and infrastructure, continued that he only just found out about the procurement of Lexus official cars worth IDR 5.4 billion from mass media reports.

“Yes, I was also surprised after the news in the mass media,” said Hormansyah.

Chairperson of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Joint Forum (Forbes) South Kalimantan, Rizal Lesmana, to Barito Post criticized the procurement of the luxury Lexus official car, even though in fact the usual thing for official cars supports the performance of members and board leaders, but the amount of the budget must be realistic especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“The budget for the purchase of official cars has been prepared, only the amount of the budget for the purchase of certain types of cars is not beautiful, if they have set it towards luxury cars,” Rizal said.

Rizal suggested that those who carry out official car procurement can change the amount of the budget according to the downturn in society and existing financial conditions.

“Although there are already stipulated car classification provisions. This requires greatness of soul for decision makers, “he said.

This activist reminded that the image of the council in the form of a luxury official car is unnecessary and even unproductive. Because this triggers a gap between constituents who can think consumptive and corrupt and the appearance of a waste of people’s money originating from the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD).

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“We just remind you not to be too vulgar in using people’s money through the APBD. The council should not think and assume (my money is different),” he said sarcastically.

Rizal also asked the people’s representatives at the Banjar House to think about how to manage people’s money the same as we manage private money, meaning that we have to be selective, then have clear directions and beirit (frugal) said Datu Bahari, there is no longer even need for council transportation allowances when it’s done. there is an official car.

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