Disassemble All Water Flow Inhibitors


Floods hit almost all areas in South Kalimantan. in the city of Banjarmasin, there is a momentum. If the Mayor of Banjarmasin wants to fix the city. Because of the current drainage and sidewalk programs, it cannot meet the target of water smoothing.

Therefore, revitalization and normalization are mandatory. If this town, want it better. The choice of relocating abandoned houses, and enforcing the law over the annexation of areas and areas of rivers, is necessary. Do not let the injustice of a few people, it will torment the public at large. Look on every bridge. What should be a river, but “taken” by concrete buildings?

So there is no other choice, the government and local governments, reopening the map of the river route. And make corrections. It allows if this condition, then the situation will continue to get worse. If the leader is concerned, start by getting Insan Island functioning. Now, it may be eroded by illegal buildings and annexation. Even though the existence of Insan Island is part of the water catchment.

The city of Banjarmasin, which is nicknamed the city of a thousand rivers, exists. Because the water flow that the cubic must be fulfilled. If not, it will overflow. The concept of a house on stilts is also ineffective, because we still cast the foundation plate in concrete. So that the absorption area remains small. Time to change, because this damage is man made. leaders who are not given a mandate. Never blame nature for any disaster.


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