Help Advancing UKM, Every Friday the Police Officer in South Kalimantan are Required to Wear Batik Sasirangan

Banjarmasin – South Kalimantan Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Dr. Nico Afinta, S.I.K., S.H., M.H. visited Kampung Sasirangan, Sei Jingah Village, Banjarmasin City, Friday (16/10/2020) at 09.00 WITA.

The arrival of the South Kalimantan Police Chief and his entourage to see the Kampung Sasirangan Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) in the context of the Declaration of the Use of Sasirangan Clothing for Police Officer.

The Chief said that he came to Sasirangan Village to see UKM, especially the typical South Kalimantan Batik called Sasirangan which is a local culture to be proud of. One form of local culture that is used is clothes made from Sasirangan cloth.

“As the Head of South Kalimantan Police Department, I support the local culture of Batik Sasirangan by instructing all members, especially Detective and Intel personnel from the regional police, city police, sector police to Bhabinkamtibmas officer, it is mandatory to wear Batik Sasirangan every Friday,” said the Head of South Kalimantan Police Department.

With members using Batik Sasirangan, continued the Chief, of course his wife, children and family would certainly use Batik Sasirangan.

In this local culture many meanings are implied in every pattern in Batik Sasirangan, such as patterns of life in plants, so that we as humans can also provide benefits to others.

The South Kalimantan Police Chief added, every time there is a visit to the area in South Kalimantan, especially Banjarmasin City, residents will certainly be directed to Kampung Sasirangan, which is in Sei Jingah Village to cultivate, scent and preserve this local culture of South Kalimantan.

“I think that together with the Regional Government, the Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) and the Indonesian National Army (TNI) in paying attention to culture and SMEs (UKM), of course the regional economy will improve and run well, especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation,” he said.

In addition, the presence of the South Kalimantan Police Chief in Sasirangan Village is also to encourage the Sector Chief and Resort/City Chief in the South Kalimantan Police Department to pay attention to local culture and increase local economic activities so that they can help improve the overall economy.

Not only Batik Sasirangan, in the future the number one person in the South Kalimantan Police Department will also see the small food industry such as preserved fish, honey which can strengthen the body in the face of the Covid-19 Virus outbreak.

On this visit, the South Kalimantan Police Chief also had the opportunity to provide compassion in the form of 60 boxes of groceries and 300 pieces of masks to the representatives of the Sasirangan and Culinary Craftsmen of Banjarmasin City.

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