Nobel Peace Prize for Jokowi and Erdogan

by: Denny JA

Is it possible that in the era of being in power, Jokowi (Indonesia) and Erdogan (Turkey) together will win the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to help reconcile Palestine-Israel? This is the most imaginative question after the re-heating of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in May 2021. Four years ago, in 2017, US President Donald Trump created the “Slap of The Century.” It recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This ignores the very long and tiring struggle of Palestine.

This is although Palestinians have long wanted East Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine in a peaceful solution between two independent states. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Jokowi is in a historical moment that has not come twice.

Meanwhile, Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, is becoming popular in the Muslim region. They can both support each other on one big agenda: a peaceful Israeli-Palestinian solution. For Indonesia, the Nobel Peace Prize is also not something foreign. President SBY in 2006 almost got it. This is a gift for the role of SBY (and Jusuf Kalla) in Aceh peace. In that era, the Free Aceh Movement, which had carried out armed resistance for decades, agreed to peace.

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Unmitigated Robert Wexler, a member of the US congress, even nominated SBY. Many countries even discussed opportunities for SBY. However, in the end the prize fell to Mohammad Yunus for his historical role for the poor in India. Is it possible that SBY’s pioneering is now being continued by Jokowi? However, in order to get stronger, Jokowi collaborated with Erdogan. -000- The first step towards a Nobel Peace Prize is an idea. What solutions do Jokowi and Erdogan need to strive for? The solution is in history: the birth of two independent countries with mutual respect, peaceful neighbors. The city of Jerusalem is divided. East for Palestine.

The rest is for Israel. Why is the above solution the best for all? Most of the Israeli population support that solution and the Palestinians themselves. In fact, since 2002, a survey conducted by PIPA has recorded that 72 percent of Palestinians and Israelis agree with it. The 2013 Gallup Poll survey repeated the same question. 70% of Palestinians and 52% of Israelis continue to support the idea of ​​two independent states that are respectful, neighbors. The solution of two independent states has taken a very long time. The solution was first introduced in 1937 in the Peel Commission Report. The same solution has been rejected and reintroduced many times this year.

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That is the most fair and realistic solution. No walls are high enough. No weapon is lethal enough to reconcile the two neighboring communities without a solution that is felt to be fair to all. -000- With this idea, Jokowi and Erdogan advanced to the OIC, organizing an international Islamic state meeting. From the OIC, the most strategic agreement: the OIC agrees to recognize East Jerusalem as an independent Palestinian capital.

And another part of Jerusalem for Israel. This is the antithesis of Donald Trump’s previous unilateral statement that made the whole of Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Unmitigated Trump even offered to move Palestinians in Jerusalem to Puerto Rico. He thought humans were like cardboard boxes that were easy to move. OIC is a state cooperation organization with a majority Muslim population.

They found it in 1969, comprises 57 countries. The resolution produced by the OIC will resonate. Say this is an OIC resolution that was renewed after President Trump insisted on the idea of ​​all Jerusalem for the capital of Israel. From the OIC, Jokowi-Erdogan lobbied the current US President Joe Biden, the United Nations, the leaders of Israel and Palestine. The summit of the meeting was to reach a major agreement this century. Not only agreeing to the establishment of two independent countries. Not only agreed on Two State Solutions. But also agreed to divide the city of Jerusalem, for Palestine, for Israel. -000- Of course we don’t dream that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end.

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This conflict has its roots in thousands of years back. Conflicts there have intertwined between struggles for land rights, nationalism, religion, exacerbated by personal grudges, collective violence, accompanied by suffering, blood and tears. Dozens of years already. However, Jokowi and Erdogan’s strategic steps towards Palestine-Israel at this moment bring fresh air. This will also be Jokowi’s big legacy in the international world. Even if this doesn’t work, they will remember him for putting one brick on the wall of this significant work. * (* Revised writing in 2017) May 2021

NOTE 1. Gallup Poll 2013: most of the Palestinian and Israeli populations support the establishment of two independent states: Israel and Palestine


writer: anang fadhilah