Supporting IKN, Kaltim Proposes Food Infrastructure to Kalimantan Railways

JAKARTA – Supporting and successful work of the Head of the Archipelago Capital Authority (IKN), the Head of the IKN Authority Agency Bambang Susantono assisted by the Deputy Head of the IKN Authority Agency Dhony Rahajoe is expected to immediately perfect and fill the Organizational Structure and Work Procedures (SOTK) of the IKN Authority Team no later than the end of the year. 2022, so that it can have its own Budget Agency in 2023, according to the needs proposed by the IKN Authority.

Head of the East Kalimantan Environmental Service (DLH) H EA Rafiddin Rizal represented by the Head of the Environmental Management Division of the East Kalimantan Province DLH Fahmi Himawan explained that filling out the SOTK was important, so that the Head of the Authority and the Deputy Head of the Authority could work optimally.

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“The Head of the IKN Authority as the coordinator of IKN development and transfer needs to tag activities on the budget of each ministry/institution based on IKN, so that joint monitoring and evaluation is easy,” said Fahmi Himawan, when attending the One Map–One Planning Consignment Meeting. Planning IKN, at the Alila SCBD Hotel, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Saturday, May 21, 2022.

In addition, the meeting also discussed that it is planned that IKN development will take place in 7 stages from 2022-2045, namely for phase I from 2022-2024 there are several priority issues of the IKN development plan phase I to 2024, which were conveyed by the Planning Division between another, the scenario of moving ASN, between the scenario of 60,000 ASN and the realistic scenario of 6,000 ASN.

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Scenarios for the provision of housing, public facilities (fasum), social facilities (fasos) and basic infrastructure for settlements.

Occupancy for construction workers in phase 1A in 2024. Status of forest release in priority development areas in 2024. Status of land not yet free of WP 1. Potential for investment cooperation, starting with commercial, international hospitals, international schools. Land allocation and optimal area of ​​K/L plots (Compact City Principles, 10 Minutes City. Building architecture principles and building architectural KPIs.

“What is clear is that the meeting is a follow-up to the issuance of Kepmensesneg No. 105 of 2022 concerning the Transitional Team to Support the Preparation, Development and Transfer of IKN,” he explained while explaining that East Kalimantan Governor Dr H Isran Noor had been invited.

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Deputy Minister of LHK Alue Dohong who is also the Advisory Team, explained that as a momentum for the nation’s history, it is hoped that the development and transfer of IKN will be successful through the initial hard work of the transition team, so that the planning, development and transfer of IKN can run smoothly according to the planning time, without must violate the applicable rules and regulations.

Present at the event were a team of secretariat experts who were also Unmul Chancellor Prof Dr H Masjaya and Expert Team Coordinator Dr Wicaksono Sarosa and Deputy Head of the IKN Authority Agency Dhony Rahajoe.

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