Tenth Hectares of Rice Fields in Banten Are Flooded

Flood in Lebak - Banten

Lebak – Heavy rain intensity and overflowed of Cibinangeun river cause thenth hectares of rice fields flooded. Flood cover three teritories in Bolang village, Malingping sub-district, Lebak district. Cited by korabanten.com as part of siberindo.co group

Asep Ayunadi, Head of Village Supervisor at Bolang, explained that flooded teritories are Cibeyeh RT 01, Langgong RT 02 and Kalapa Dua RT 05.

“Flood in Cibeyeh and Langgong happened around 07.00 am meanwhile flood in Kelapa Dua is earlier because it was located on the side of the river” Asep explained.

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Along with high intensity of rain, there were water blockage in Cibinuangeun river. “Even the distance is about 1 Km from the river but may because high intensity of rain and water blockage, water can be blocked and overflowed to residential area. The last flood is in 2018 and now 2020 flood again” Asep said

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Mamun, Head of Bolang Village justify the flood in his duty area. “Yes sir. In that area there are 12 houses and four factories. All 20 houses and four factories” Mamun said, Sunday (06/12)

Meanwhile, Mahmudin, member of Village Supervisor Agency of Lebak said, “Yes, know I am in the locatio to record all citizen houses which flooded”

Mahmudin said that flood soaked tenth hectares of rice fields in Rahong and Bolang village with 1.5 Meter deep

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“Cibinuangeun could facilitate water. Water should flows to the sea and we do not know why flow to the rice field and residential area” Mahmudin said

It was not known total loss of this flood yet