The Story of a COVID-19 Sufferer: He Greets Death with A Great Heart

by: Denny JA *)

“Those who are happy when alive, thrilled, will also be happy, welcome death. “(Osho, 1982) (1) That quote, and a photo of Osho, Bagwan Shri Rajnees, still hanging on the wall. The paper is yellow. Time eaten. However, the message contained, Eternal. Power. Ayana, this girl’s name. 69 years old. Wrinkles on the face. Tired in the soul. It stunned Ayana for a long time. OSHO’s quote becomes a mantra. He embraced the message. As strong as he can. It was crying again, Ayana. Tears become lakes. “Oh dear, my God, my goodness.” He screamed in silence. In all.

Without a sound. Just an echo in the heart. Deep is sorrow. Makin no sound. Last month, my husband died. Preyed on Corona Virus. “It’s my light,” Ayana whispered. “My sun. My moon. “Yesterday, his older brother died. Also, because of the Corona Virus. “My brother, my protector. My teacher, my best friend. “Ayana buried face. Into that Photo frame. OSHO photos. “Panca, my dear husband Tio, my dear brother. I’m not strong. “ Ayana drops Fell on the floor Quiet Alone With the remaining power he lies on the sofa He looked again That quote The photo. OSHO? Bagwan Shri Rajneesh. He remembered 1990. Invited by Tio. to India. OSHO, the Teacher died.

Tio is a loyal student Meet OSHO in America (2). Wherever it goes. OSHO is at heart. Tio and his wife, Dara. Ayana and her husband, Panca. Together to India. Visit the Teacher who died. How stunned Ayana. At the castle. While staring at Jazad the Guru. The students are happy. They are happy. Sing. Dance. Smile. Laugh. No sorrow. Red everywhere. At night, fireworks. Turned on. Rousing.

They beat the drum. Death is celebrated Festival being served “How come, Sis?” Ayana asked, stunned. “Why death greeted? Why does death come, no tears? “played. Records of the Teacher’s teachings. “Life is a gift. We don’t ask. Celebrate ““Death is also a gift. We don’t ask. Celebrate, too.“How long. They lose us. Grieving at death. Even though it’s the peak of life. “Ayana was stunned again. “Sis, why is it strange?” Tio, his brother just smiled. Said brother, “Open your heart Open your eyes. Open ears but lip lock. Just think about it. “Now, right here, Ayana wants that Joy. Happy.

Despite facing death. Left by Panca, her husband Left behind by Tio, the eldest brother. Two deaths, one month. They broke two large poles. Overweight. Blocked breath Wobbly. -000- December 2020. Ayana isn’t ready. It exposes husband to Corona. Only five days. Husband died. Ayana can’t be cheerful. Like in India. Ayana cried many times. It hurts beyond measure. Unjointed feet. Boneless hands. In the arms of her brother, Tio, the protector, friend, Teacher, Ayana leaned back. Every night, Tio, his older brother visited. “Brother, help me. I’m empty Missing meaning Dim my sun.

“Listen, brother,” said Tio. “Your five husbands are rivers. It flows into the ocean. In the ocean, there are no rivers. It is one with the ocean.“What makes you sad? Isn’t that river water? Are you happy now? The ocean embraced him more free Wider. Deeper. “Sis, you are sad. Because it depends too hard. Bound to memory. Let go, little brother. Ayana understands that. But this is an even more ancient instinct. Grief is more powerful. Tears incessant.


Now, February 2021. Tio the Brother left. Also, go where Ayana leaned. Corona virus, too. Not counting sad hearts, Ayana is still limping. Not able to stand yet. Overwritten again. Two hours before death.

Tio collapsed in the room. In a tired hospital “Doctor said Tio “Please contact my wife. Death is not long. Help me welcome it. Tio asked for a cell phone. Connect with his wife, Dara. Via video call. It stuns doctor Tio in a duet with his wife Sing With a sad heart. The Prayer song. Ayana is there too. He is beside Dara. Just hearing. And spilled tears. Ayana is not as strong as Dara. From the cellphone. He looked at Tio. Praying heart. “My brother, dear. Be healthy. “With the hose nosed. Gasping breath. Tio’s eyes were still burning. Her heart, what else. Tio and Dara also had a duet: “I pray you’ll be our eyes And watch us where we help us be wise when we don’t know Let this be our prayer when we lose our way Lead us to a place Guide us with your grace To a place where we’ll be safe (I pray You are our eyes. Look at us. Wherever we go. Help us be wise. We didn’t know. Let It be a prayer. When we got lost. Lead us somewhere. Guide us. With your grace.

To a place where we are peaceful). (3) Two hours later, Tio died with a smile Cheerful heart.


Three days already. Ayana in the room only. Shut himself. Restless children and grandchildren. “Be healthy, mother,” the children prayed. Happy again, Grandma,” prayed the grandchildren. In the room, Ayana tapa brata. Meditation. Contemplating. Pray. Just alone. It’s quiet.

Quiet. Disappeared from space. Lost from time. Soul in chest. One with the Soul in the sky. That morning. Ayana leaves the room. He plays guitar. He sings. He looked at the quote. OSHO? Bagwan Shri Rajneesh. Stick to the wall always “Those whose lives are thrilled, Will also be happy, welcome death. “Ayana is now happy. He was born again. February 2021 Note 1. OSHO, a spiritual teacher from India, taught his listeners to also celebrate death with joy 2. OSHO had just left to open a spiritual hermitage in Oregan, United States. 3. Tio, the COVID-19 Sufferer sings a prayer song, a duet with his wife via a Mobile Video Call, a few hours before he dies, inspired by the true story: Hendarmin Ranadireksa. This story is fictional, even though it was inspired by actual events. Tio’s story about OSHO has nothing to do with Hendarmin Ranadireksa’s story. Ayana is also a fictional character.

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