Although the Covid-19 Pandemic still exist, South Kalimantan is still holding an Adiwiyata competition

Banjarbaru – Even though it is still in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic and at the central level it is being eliminated, the South Kalimantan Provincial Government continues to hold a Provincial level Adiwiyata assessment in 2020.

As a reminder, Adiwiyata is a program of the Ministry of the Environment in an effort to encourage the creation of knowledge and awareness of school students in an effort to conserve the environment.

“Because of that, the South Kalimantan Provincial Government continues to hold the Adiwiyata competition to foster and instill the spirit of loving the environment in school students in South Kalimantan,” said Head of the South Kalimantan Province Environmental Service (DLH), Hanifah Dwi Nirwana, Tuesday (29/9/2020).

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Hanifah said,, currently the assessment stage is still ongoing and is generally done online. Although there are several teams that must carry out field verification.

“Adiwiyata’s assessment is one of our efforts to instill an attitude of loving the environment and cleanliness to students. Currently there are no students at school because they are studying at home. But that doesn’t mean that the environment is left alone and plants are left to die. Whereas in the past the plants were guarded and cared for, right? it’s a shame if it’s not treated now,” she said.

Furthermore, Hanifah revealed that her parties are trying to invite all stakeholders to protect the environment. Including inviting the world of education by strengthening Adiwiyata. Although this year not all districts can participate.

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“But at least, at the national Adiwiyata next year we are ready with the provincial level Adiwiyata school,” he said.

Hanifah emphasized that Adiwiyata’s assessment at the provincial level was very important. Because it is precisely during the schoolchildren is the right time to guide the younger generation to love the environment.

“Pandemic is not a barrier, but it is the way we raise awareness during schooling that is important. Activities can be carried out online, so teachers can still convey messages to students, for example how to place trash and so on,” explained Hanifah.

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So, added the former South Kalimantan Bappeda official, even though students are not in school, education and character building for loving the environment will continue.

There are two districts that didn’t participate this year. The two districts are Hulu Sungai Tengah and Balangan. Some of the obstacles that caused the two districts to be absent from the competition, one of which was because schools had no activities during the current Covid-19 pandemic, so it was felt that it was difficult to make preparations. Or in other words, not ready to take Adiwiyata’s assessment.

Anang Fadhilah