Flatus and Urinate to Detect COVID-19 and Lungs Health

The author does not mean to be impolite with the choice of words in the title above. We are sorry if any of the dear readers are not pleased with the author’s choice of words.

Even though it sounds simple, even very simple, however, what this street vendor in the Kemayoran area says is very logical and makes sense.

Not only logical, but also low cost, in fact, everyone has it. Even have it several times a day. So that everyone can do this kind of COVID-19 detection test several times a day.

When the author buys something for necessity, accidentally heard a conversation between fellow traders, which initially made the author amazed too.

“Don’t worry too much, as long as you can smell your fart and the smell of urine, you don’t have COVID-19.”

Hahaha …. very simple …

However, if you think about it, that remark was very logical … even though it seemed that people often ignored it …

Of course, not all of these words are true because some People Without Symptoms (OTG) still can smell very well.

However, the author think there is nothing wrong if every person farts and pees doing this simple olfactory test to detect the possibility of being exposed to COVID-19.

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If you can’t smell the smell of farting and the smell of urine, you need to be vigilant …

This is the author thinks the earliest way to detect COVID-19 that everyone can do. So that everyone can detect potential exposure to COVID-19 as early as possible.

The earlier it is caught, the better the chance of recovery. The earlier it is caught, the less likely it is that the COVID-19 virus will damage internal organs, especially the lungs.

As stated by dr. Harsini, Sp.P, the person in charge of COVID-19 at Moewardi Hospital Solo, who cared for the author’s wife and two children some time ago, told the author: Not only is the positive patient of COVID-19 the virus that must be negated but the damage to internal organs is equally important for anticipated and overcome.

The earlier COVID-19 is detected, the greater the chance to minimize its destructive power to internal organs, especially the lungs.

Don’t let the virus be negated but the internal organs are already damaged even on a mild scale.

This is also the reason for dr. Harsini, Sp.P suggested that doctors decide whether someone can isolate themselves at home or not. Do not be given the authority to make this decision to non-doctors because other than doctors, no one can detect this potential damage to internal organs.

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The author strongly agrees with dr. Harsini, Sp.P, and the authors hope that this will become the official policy of the COVID-19 Control Task Force.

Returning to simple detection methods, the possibility of having been contaminated with COVID-19.

A good friend of the writer’s family in Bayuwangi found out that he and his wife were positive for COVID-19, starting with Bu De’s wife’s comment, when the wife cleaned her baby’s bowel movements. Bu De, a friend of the writer, said that the smell of the baby’s poop was very smelly, much more smelly than usual.

What a shock to the author’s friend and his wife because the baby already had stomach ache from the day before and they both didn’t smell the smell of the baby’s pooping at all.

That was the beginning of suspicion or awareness that they might have been exposed to COVID-19 and it turned out to be true.

So, what’s wrong with all of us trying the simple way to detect COVID-19 in the style of street vendors in Kemayoran, doing it every time we fart and pee.

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After all, starting from the king, the president, the prime minister, the governor to even the small people in remote areas. Starting from conglomerates, directors, to even the most destitute people. Everyone farts and pees several times a day and no one is disgusted by their own farting and peeing, right?

Or is there any kind of dear reader who is disgusted by the smell of the smell of his farts and the smell of his own pee?

The author is not sure that, without us knowing it, we are all connoisseurs of the smell of fart and the smell of pee several times a day, even though it is the smell of fart and the smell of urine is our own …

But is it true that your own scent is different from someone else’s scent?

Unlike the aroma of KM 50, everyone can have their own scent. Because of the difference, common people find it difficult to determine which scent actually smells.

(Hendra J. Kede Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Central Information Commission)